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I feel the past two weeks have been crap for everyone/everything in my life. A few people who are close to me are going through some rough times right now, and there are also the people who have reoccurring issues they need help with. Add to it work stress, my own personal anxieties, a bad sinus infection, and limited schedule, and everyone ends up being Grumpy Cat.  

I am not handling things the best way possible, but I am handling them the only way I know how to. By checking in with those who are hurting the worst everyday, and making plans with others for later. The idea is to tackle one thing at a time, but in the end it leaves me feeling like I am stretched too thin. So what do I do? I bury myself in projects. 

As you can tell, I am actually completely in focus in these pics! I managed to teach myself (via the internet, that wonderful/life sucking place) how to focus the camera better before taking photos. Normally, the camera focuses on whatever is behind me in most of my outfit photos. These came out pretty clear, some of the others I have taken this week...not so much. But hey it is learning process and I like focusing on something to take my mind of off other things. At least in the end I have attempted to accomplish something productive, where if I didn't I would just be pissing and moaning about my problems. 

What do you like to do to clear your head?

Shirt-American Eagle
Boots & Coat-Forever 21
Skirt, Belt, & Purse-Thrifted
Gloves-Urban Oufitters
Monster Hat-Street Vender 

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11 Musings

  1. Oh yes, it can be so emotionally draining when everyone around you is struggling. Hugs to you for being such an awesome friend to all of them!

    To clear my head I like to go for a nice walk. It feels good.

  2. i exercise, or drink. but drinking usually makes it worse=). seriously, though, i hope things start looking up for you and your friends soon!

  3. Your photos look great! If you have the link to that site, please share it. HaHaHa I know exactly what you're talking about. Life can be fun, but there are so many days when it really gets to you and you feel absolutely drained. If it's not your own problems, then it's someone else that has them. Sometimes I get very sad about it all and have to take a step back. I guess that's why I blog. It's a hobby that takes my mind off of certain things that worry me.

  4. You look great even though of all the things going on in your life! Your photos looks sharp and great outfit too. Cute hat! :) Hoping your week goes by better.

    xo – Sheila
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  5. Great job focusing the camera. I've always wanted a shutter release chord, but I don't have one.

    I like to read or run to get my mind off of things. Hiking or just walking works too. Nature is the key for me. I live in California though, and it's always nice weather here. You might freeze out where you are.

    Keep your head up - you sound like a great friend!

    Kelsey @

  6. Hehehe what an adorable hat... its super cute :)

    Loving the look you have here!
    Following you on Bloglovin now, hope you wil follow back


  7. I love this color on you.! Yeah about the photos!

    Oh, I just got back from lunch with a friend and had to listen to all her problems. ..Thus, this sometimes makes me furious with who ever she has the problem with..then might think I'm the one with the personality problem. So I've been really trying to just listen and not jumping to conclusions.

    I've been listening to an acoustic playlist as of late by Daniel Johnston. And I love a song by Mark Duplass,too that he did on the citar from the movie No Safety Guaranteed.

  8. You really are a good friend. Love your outfit!

  9. I so want that hat! Wishing you a great holiday with friends and family. Hopefully, you guys are having a warm up too.

  10. I'm sorry you're stressed out and feeling so stretched thin. Sometimes trying to comfort hurting loved ones can be harder than dealing with your own issues, y'know? But you're doing fine, and you'll feel so much better when everything passes. And hey, your shirt/skirt combi is KILLER. ;) Also what camera-focusing tutorial did you read?? I cannot sort out how to get my camera to focus on me either!

  11. Nothing clears your head better than a bracing motorcycle ride. Your mind focuses entirely on staying alive and that frees you from anxiety and any crap bugging you. It's so relaxing.


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