Spring Wishlist

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Spring Wishlist

Spring! Normally, I despise spring in Michigan, everything is wet and mushy and it is cold as all hell until about June. However, this year I am looking forward to doing house projects, as well as clearing out the closets for a yard sale.  I keep saying this, but our kitchen is *almost* done. All we need to do really is touch-up some of the paint, get the trim up and painted, replace the gross dish-rack, and I am hoping to sneak in another plant in there (hooray for not killing plants!). Louie could really use a new brush and a new leash, as well as a bath. I really want to get rid of some of the towels that we have had since the dawn of time and replace the broken soap dispenser. I also would like to replace some of my cardigans that I am really too rough on, and maybe I can throw in a new scarf and purse if I can ever decide on just one. 

What is on everyone's wishlist this spring?

1) Dish rack-Target
2) Towels-Target
3) Hand Towel-Target
4) Soap Dispenser-Urban Outfitters 
5) Plant Pot-Target
6) Watering Can-Urban Outfitters
7) Bag-Target
8) Scarf-Urban Outfitters
9) Dog leash-Urban Outfitters
10) Corner Coffee Shop Cardigan-Modcloth
11) Cardigan-Urban Outfitters 

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8 Musings

  1. Yeah spring isnt coming until may..maybe haha...you know what I've been in that spring cleaning mood you know want to get rid the old stuff and in with the new. I really like your collage... that bag is cute

  2. So fun and I like the practical stuff, too.

  3. Spring is so hard here..because it feels so much like winter.

    Love the list!

  4. That Elephant Watering Can is the CUTEST; and I want that Cardi! :)

  5. Those towels are great! i have a set of brown towels I love. I got mine from KMart and love them.


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