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I hate football, but I love food! Last night, we had Superbowl Thanksgiving at our house! We still had the turkey I got from work in November, frozen in our freezer, so we figured why the hell not? Not going to lie, Kyle and I had no idea what we were doing, and we had to call my dad twice, but in the end, we cooked a delicious turkey, AND I made some stock. We also made mashed potatoes, stuffing, steamed veggies, rolls, wings, and our friend brought over chili dip, and loads of raw veggies and dip. I pigged out. My weigh-in this morning was not good, so I took the liberty of bringing in the dip and pretzels for the peasants at work, and I am planning on upping my workout this week. I honestly want to hit my first goal this month, so no more snacks for me. So sad. 

Also, guys, PUPPY BOWL. Greatest thing ever. That's all. 

Dress & Hat-Modcloth
Coat-Forever 21
Gloves-Urban Outfitters
Sweater & Purse-Thrifted

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9 Musings

  1. I saw your Instagram pictures of your Superbowl Thanksgiving - love it! Looked super delicious! I'm with you, I'm in it for the food, who cares about the game!

  2. Last night sounds fun! I like your yellow/red/orange color combo here.

  3. that sounds delicious, and worth it. for the record, i think you look amazing...i have been loving your outfits, and you look very sleek and slim!

  4. Love this winter outfit. Yes, the superbowl seems to be a bigger meal that Thanksgiving here.

  5. I wanted to see the puppy bowl.

    Sweet Monday outfit!

  6. I'm glad the turkey turned out great!

  7. Wow, you guys really did have a great feast. Love your outfit.

  8. I LOVE this outfit! I love the pops of colour!

  9. the puppy bowl is always awesome! hahaha disappointed in the commercials this year. ohhh that turkey sounds like it was yummy! food is the best part of Superbowl. love your sweater and those boots are awesome.


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