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10:30 AM

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In all of the excitement of hitting a weight-loss goal/new cardigan and whatnot yesterday, I completely forgot to mention that Sideburns and I bought a new lens for our camera (finally)! We had been using the lens for the film camera on the digital for about 6 months-don't do that. A lot of pictures came out blurry and distorted and the settings would get all wonky. Anyway, my sister & brother in-law were getting rid of one of their lenses and had already tested it on our camera over the summer, so we bought it off of them. Excitement! 

Um, however, today's photos are from before we bought the lens last post of blurry photos for old times' sake!

Dress,Tights, & Gloves-Urban Outfitters 
Shoes & Bag-Thrifted
Coat-Forever 21
Necklace & Scarf-Gifts
Sweater-American Eagle Outfitters 

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11 Musings

  1. Yay for new lenses! Can't wait to see the new pictures you'll take with it!

    LOVE your skirt!

  2. i just need a whole new camera all together. your pictures looks just fine, though! i love the whole outfit on you!

  3. Very cool!!! Of course you have a weezer scarf! hehe. Your glasses look lovely on you!

  4. oooh what new lens? I get nerdy about camera talk! love. and congrats on goals - that always feels great. Can't wait to see new pics!

  5. So excited for you..about the lens.

    Love how you make these items in your outfit work so well for you.

  6. Always find your style very inspiring.

  7. Sweet! Love your shorts so much. I must try to look for something of this style while thrifting.

  8. Such a great remix! Love your nailpolish color!

  9. Girl, you are too funny. HAHAHA Ok, maybe I need an eye exam because your pictures always looked awesome to me. HAHAHAHA

  10. giirrrrl, you crack me up! I love your outfit (as usual). Love that you're rocking the Weezer scarf WITH those glasses. Did Rivers inspire them? :)



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