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When I first started at my current job, six years ago now, I worked in "The Hole".  I am an office assistant for both the inventory control, and the transportation departments at my place of employment. About 75% of my daily duties are for inventory control, so I sit at a desk next to the bathrooms, by the front office. The office is attached to the warehouse, which is quite large, and on the other side of the warehouse is the garage, the bulk oil area, and then another small office. 

Don't get me wrong, I have a decent sized desk. I mean, I can pile all of my crap on it and still have room to write, so that is good. I mooched an old CD player off of my mom when I first started, so now we listen to crappy pop-rock music to distract us all from killing each other. But, I liked "The Hole". 

The Hole is a shady little office attached to the garage, and it is very cold because there is no heat. It is also dirty, because of the garage. However, I have unlimited access to the only good coffee in the building when working back there. I can swear without having to worry if someone important is coming (no one comes in the garage, ever unless something is broken). We blast heavy-metal music and yell as loud as we want to each other, BECAUSE WE CAN. One of the managers refers to us as "The Mushroom Division", we are kept in the dark and have shit thrown on top of us. But, at least I am not the only cynical one. 

Sweater & Belt-Thrifted
Skirt-Forever 21
Tights-Urban Outfitters

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7 Musings

  1. The Hole sounds kind of fun to me! I'd miss the sun though, that is the nice part about my current office, I have loads of windows!

  2. (singing) It's your thing! Do what cha wanna do! HAHAHA

  3. I like hearing about where you work. Love the outfit too.

  4. Oh, I do hope you are keeping warm enough this winter there. Love your sweater!

  5. I'm glad you have some cool co-workers.

    Love this coat!


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