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10:30 AM

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I think this outfit would have made the high-school me very proud. Purse with long strap, check. Fuzzy hoodie, check. Awesome necklace, check. Now to find a DeLorean/Tardis and tell my 14 year old self that yes, I will still somewhat resemble an elf, but it won't always be so bad.

Good news! I cleaned our library/office room last night and found a story that I had been planning on working into my novel! I had a pretty decent idea of what it was about, but I was aggravated that I would have to rewrite the whole thing from memory. To be honest, parts of it are complete trash, but, there are some decent lines that I would have not remembered correctly on my own. I am really hoping to have some time to sit down with it on Saturday, but who knows. I am just so excited that I found it! Once I realized what it was, this overwhelming gratitude came over me. I am thankful that I am a pack-rat when it comes to school work, seriously, I am going to be THE BEST old lady one day.

Hoodie & Necklace-Gifts
Skirt-Shop Rouche 
Coat-Forever 21
Gloves-Urban Oufitters

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10 Musings

  1. He he, those are things my high school self would have loved too! You look so warm and cozy!

  2. Loooooving this outfit!! Those boots are the best and don't get me started on your mittens!!!


  3. So happy to hear about your finding. Wishing you the best with your writing!

    Love how you pulled this outfit together too!!

  4. Go you! Such great news. There are some notebooks I really wished I'd kept better care of. Sweet writing!

  5. So cool to hear about your find!

    Love the scarf!

  6. Oh yeah! Wonderful to hear. I'm sure its inspiring! All the best to your writing!!!

  7. Next time I fire up my time-machine, I'm going to bring the 50-year old Sara back to meet the Sara of today. She'll tell you: "Relax! Everything works out wonderfully! Enjoy the ride."

  8. Wow. You're thinking of old age already!?? Goodness. hehe.
    I don't know what high school you was like, but I am glad you like this outfit be it now or high school version of you!

  9. i was stuck in uniforms for high school! i think it really hindered my fashion sense as an adult. haha i wrote several chapters about three years ago. i should revisit that. good luck with yours. you should pursue it.


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