In The Cold Cold Wind

10:30 AM

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Boots are my best friend from now until the snow melts. I was going to write that I will try my best to mix it up with the few pairs I have, but then looking back at all of the outfit photos from last week, I pretty much wore these the most. They are the cutest pair I have, so I am not even sorry. 

I can say that I am loving all of this snow! Kyle and I need to make a snowman or a snow-Dalek happen. And sledding. And ice-skating. Louie is loving the snow as well, he is taking turns eating and peeing on chunks of it. Snow, FTW! 

Dress & Cardigan-Target
Belt-Mackinac island gift-shop
Necklace, Bag & Scarf-Gift
Coat-Forever 21

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10 Musings

  1. Snow is awesome, it makes me smile. I agree that boots will be a must until it is gone though.

  2. So brave of you to wear this..I would definitely be bundled up!

    Wishing you a great new year!

  3. Wow!

    Just cold and lots of crunch snow around here!

    Best wishes on 2013!!

  4. Brrrrrr....

    Love this dress!

    All the Best on 2013!

  5. Boots a real must here! More like snowboots though.

    What is worse..having to carry extra shoes to work. They hate it when we bring in snow.

  6. What a fun progression of pictures. I never expected the bright red under the dark coat. Very cute. And I can't wait to see your Snow... something!

  7. Look at that snow! I'm kinda jealous, snow doesn't really happen in Seattle.

    Also that dress is super cute.

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  8. You should make those snowmen from the Christmas special that came out! hehe. I don't like wearing boots unless it is chillier outside, myself, though I used to do it all year round. ah.
    Your scarf is lovely.

  9. Making a snowman is a MUST! hahaha Great red dress and boots.


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