Come Together

10:30 AM

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Sometimes when I wear an outfit, it makes no sense. Then, I put on my coat and grab my hat and  it suddenly looks better. True story. 

You know what else is a true story? Kyle, his twin brother Brian, and my brother David all went to Washington D.C. without me. Kyle managed to get bus tickets for himself and Brian through Oakland University (he was allowed to bring a guest) and David is stationed not far from D.C. so he took the day off and met up with him. Since Kyle and I have not figured out where/what to do for our honeymoon yet (waiting on my W2 for our tax return), I did not want to take two vacation days and then end up screwing up  any future plans. So now I am sitting here pouting for being somewhat responsible. 

So for my first night alone, I went a little crazy and watched movies and went to bed early. I also slept all night with my TARDIS lights on. 

I also fed Louie chicken for breakfast. I know how to live it up. 

Coat, Sweater, & purse-Thrifted

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12 Musings

  1. So cute! Looks really comfy and is chic too!

  2. LOVE the stripes and flowers! It's a fun combo!

    And honestly that sounds much like how I'd spend a weekend on my own too.

  3. You go girl! Love the stripes. So envy the hat. Hope Kyle gets home soon.

  4. Oh, so love it. Great combo. Oh, to go to bed early. Oh my! Hope he has a great time on the trip.

  5. Oh, you look so adorable!

    Wishing you a good week. Can't wait to hear about Kyle's trip.

  6. Hi Sara i adorable your swetter beautiful....and your look!!!

    Kisses ro jp

  7. totally makes sense and I love it. I'm the same way, way too often!

  8. Love the stripes. Hope you gotta chance to watch Bunheads tonight.

  9. Awwww! I bet you do miss him. You did the right thing though. And when you two go away, it will be great. LOVE your skirt!

  10. I love the mix of patterns you got going on. Very cute!

    Awww cheer up! Hopefully you don't miss him for too long..

    xo - Sheila

  11. It can be lonely, but there's something about spending a night home alone... it's freeing. And dude I LOVE this outfit, that hat seriously does bring it all together!

  12. AWWW that is sad that they just went up like that and left you to be all by your lonesome!!!!
    You're right. . .this hat just makes the outfit better.


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