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Another weekend has come to a close, and now I am sitting here Monday morning trying to decide the next item on my list to tackle. POOP. It looks like it is going to be a workout routine, it needs to happen. I think most people are using this month as a free one, before kicking themselves in the ass in January. Me? I do everything backwards already so, this works. I FINALLY went an bought an extension cord last night for my treadmill, no excuses now. 

To add to the miscellaneous boring adventures of Sara, I am back to being a babysitter for my youngest brother Liam. My Mom went and got herself a job, and now I am watching Liam for an hour or so after work everyday. Liam is 9 years old and pretty low-maintenance, but now I have to get up at 5:35 am, in order to get to work early enough to leave at 4pm. BONUS: I get to not deal with my crabby boss for almost 2 hours out of the day (3 really if you count lunch), AND I should be getting home early enough to take outfit photos. Woot-woot! Although I can't make any promises that both Louie and Liam will resist photo-bombing. 

Dress, purse & sweatshirt-Thrifted
Coat-Urban Outfitters

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13 Musings

  1. I also going to make December the month to get motivated and work on fitness too! I started last year in December and did well for most of the winter/spring/summer. It's the fall this year that I have fallen off track.

    Getting up at 5:35 sucks but not having to deal with your boss for two hours is awesome.

  2. The dress works so well as a skirt. It has such a cute shape. I'm definitely kicking my butt recently on the treadmill. I know the food that will be eaten throughout the holidays so I need to keep the exercise up.

  3. I always ramp up the exercise routine in December so that I don't find myself in January going, oh man, why did I eat ALL the goodies?

    Good luck with the earlier wake up time!! Kudos to you for doing it!

  4. nothing wrong with a little photo bomb!! i love this outfit. i never thought of a sweatshirt with a skirt, but i love it. and the little hair clip adds the perfect amount of femininity!

  5. Maybe Liam will help with the photo taking more than you think.

    Oh, good look on the workouts and all.

    Love your outfit!!

  6. So loved the first paragraph. Things are looking up for you..with the extension cord.

    All the best with Liam and Louie!

  7. It sounds like your new schedule will definitely work for you Sarah. The biggest hurdle is just getting up early, but once you get into a routine everything should be fine.

  8. Oh, looks like December will have a few changes too. All the best on the workouts and with your little brother, too.

  9. I do love the fun in this outfit.

    Hope you have a Happy December!

  10. I'm so jealous of your Red Wings top I want one haha

    good lucky with louie and liam

  11. Ooh, I LOVE your top - it is so much fun. Also pertinent...the background of this picture is so awesome - it makes me think of cozy fireplaces! :)

  12. I'm really in love with your sweater! The year's really about to end. Where did my 2012 go.

  13. Sara and her look gorgeous flower in her hair ta beautiful.

    Sara our you wake up early on, and then has to be drooling even his brother ... but I am loving reading what you write despite the translator sometimes does not make me understand everything but this already sizable

    rose jp


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