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10:30 AM

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 Sometimes, I feel the need to wear ALL the favorites! I had forgotten how much I really love tote-bags, and  how they can be used in seasons other than Summer. They are perfect for sneaking bottles of pop and chips for two to the movies as well (it also helps if you frequent the crappiest movie theater around, they are just happy you bought a ticket and won't care what you bring in with you). 

Taking daily outfit photos does remind me to utilize all of the clothing and accessories I own, which means using coats and bags that I "had to have" more often. I have found more forgotten items then I would care to admit, three tubes of lipstick for starters. When did I buy three tubes of lipstick? How did they all end up in one purse? Why would I need three of them at once? Are they still good? Only one of many fascinating wonders of my daily life.

Dress, Belt, & Shoes-Thrifted
Bag & Cardigan-Target
Coat-Forever 21

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9 Musings

  1. Love your tote bag and I'm still on the lookout of that everyday bag. Is there really that one bag that would look great with any outfit.

  2. I love tote bags too and have been missing mine from summer, I should just dig them out and use them now, why not!

  3. Different lipsticks for different moods...in one night? Obviously!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  4. I'm always wondering where my lipstick went to?

    Love totes too!

  5. Oh, such cool shoes you have. I've had to find the winter boots. We've got a lot of snow last night.

  6. We have a theater here a lot like that. Oh, and the goodies you can bring in. Amazing.

  7. I really love that coat. It's such a great length.

    <3 Melissa

  8. haha! i do the same thing when i go to the movies. a tote with snacks. hahahaha yours are really cool!


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