Little Bits: Give Thanks

9:00 PM

IMG_7043 IMG_7048 IMG_7044

I didn't take many pictures today, but when I was downloading today's outfit photos I saw these and decided to post them up. I love finding little surprise photos like this, Kyle can be pretty awesome like that. 

1) Michigan pumpkin pie. 2) Louie in the backyard. 3) His "Sitting Pretty" pose. 

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8 Musings

  1. owonnn Sara !!! I love your dog beautiful....yumm delícious cake!!

    kisses rose jp

  2. Louie has such character. I hope he'll be your inspiration one day to write. I'm sure if have a juvenile series about would make it big.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Fabulous photos! Enjoy your day, Sara!

  4. Louie! He's one I'm thankful for, as well!! :D

  5. how's your tahnksgiving sara? i bet was fun :) louie look really cute. he's smiling! :D

  6. kyle is awesome! they like taking pics too. hahaha too cute. hope you had a great thanksgiving.


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