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8:49 AM

Oh hey there pea coat, why you do look fabulous all buttoned-up. I mentioned awhile back that I was feeling pretty happy with my wardrobe for once, well I lied. I want ALL the pea coats! I think I would be pretty content if my outerwear consisted of pea coats and little moto-jackets in various styles and colors. Now only if I had money for such expenditures, this could happen.

I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the photos in today’s post: they look like ass because Flickr likes to crash on me on a regular basis, therefore leaving me to just upload photos to blogger and…yeah. Well you have outfit photos, and that is all that matters, correct? What? You want actual written content too? People read the garbage I write?

In other news, it is hunting season here in Michigan. It could be elsewhere too, I have no idea and I don’t hunt so I honestly could care-less. For me it means a quiet office for awhile (which is fine by me, as I am excellent at ignoring everyone and being very quiet), and dodging photos of deer carcasses upon everyone’s return. I kid you not; you look up from your monitor and BAM! Someone is shoving a cell-phone picture of a giant dead deer in your face. To be fair, I eat meat. I don’t care if people hunt deer as long as they actually eat the meat, killing animals just to kill them makes me think you are showing signs of becoming a serial killer. But, I don’t want to see the damn deer until it is in food-from please! I think half the hunters here even have photo albums full of their kills. “Oh hey, here is my daughter’s first step, and look, here is a dead doe!”. 

Veggie salad and soup for lunch? I think so. 

Dress-Shop Ruche
Coat & Necklace-F21
Button down shirt-AE
Purse & Scarf-Thrifted

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16 Musings

  1. Hi Sara!!! I love your dress and blouse!!!! I love your coat and owl necklace is beautiful

    Kisses ...hugs

    Rose jp

  2. It's hunting season here too. And no joke, all day Monday someone in my parking lot had a deer carcus hanging from the back of their car. Everyone kept stopping and staring at was very odd.

    I want all the peacoats too! And I love your owl pendant!

  3. The dead deer photos do sound pretty weird. I eat meat too, but yea, I don't want to see dead doe photos in my face.

    I do want to see more of this pea coat, however. It is pretty fab on you!

  4. Such a wonderful coat. Love your necklace!

  5. So lov'n the dress! Such cool details!

    Oh..those deer stories!

  6. Chuckling about the deer stuff. Actually, I had to help my Dad with a dead deer, a couple of times. Most in our parts take it straight to the locker. But I have an uncle who likes to make deer sausage, and deer jerky.

    In September, he went on an antelope hunt, but got in a fight with a bear. He's the real storyteller in the family.

  7. Love your coat! Such interesting stories at the office.

  8. Damn you, Sara Lynn! I want to hate you for posting so regularly while the rest of us slack off, but your outfits are so darn cute I can't; instead, I end up loving you more. This one is delightful. If I were in prison and they allowed me to visit only one blog a day, I'd come here.

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  10. Just found your blog and love it. Your haircut is adorable and I love your style. Can't wait to read more!


  11. Your peacoat looks cute buttoned up! I also love your jumper! Too cute! I think your photos look great. I use blogger all the time. Oh gosh, I did training for this company one time and they use to beg me not to schedule during a certain time. I asked why? They said it's HUNTING season Kim! I was like lawdy! I'm a city girl, so I never had it on my calendar. And they are SeRIOUS too! HAHAHAHA

  12. I so love the owl necklace. I loved your commentary in this post too. Oh, I hope you are gearing up for a sweet Thanksgiving.

  13. Part of me wants thinks that if you can't stand to see the dead animal then you need to think through the eating it part. That is was got me going vegetarian. My father is a hunter (he didn't get anything this year, thank goodness) so I grew up around dead animals. The thick iron smell of the blood as they cut the meat up in our kitchen still haunts me a little. Also, I hate hunting season because my birthday falls during it and my father missed every birthday weekend of my childhood.

  14. Yes to a closet full of pea coats and moto jackets!! :D


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