Sideburns & Bangs Get Married, Part Two

9:12 AM

I mentioned that I had a ton of pictures, so here is another post sharing a little more of the awesome job Michelle & Chris did of taking pictures for us. I am going to have a really hard time trying to figure out which ones to print frame in our house, I think I've narrowed it down to 20...

As you can see, Kyle and I kept it simple but goofy with the clothing we chose for the wedding. My dress and shoes are both from Modcloth, and I borrowed a necklace from my mom. My friend Anne (who made the guys pins and my boquet) made a few more paper pins for my hair. Kyle was all on board with wearing a bowtie, I even found a purple and orange one! On board until the day of and he had no idea how to tie it. Thankfully, his Best Man Dan figured it out in time.

I also might add that Kyle hated Converse until he bought the high-tops he is wearing. He now has a love for chucks, and has been wearing them all over the place.

My beautiful bridesmaids and myself! From the left: Becky (who was also our minister/DJ), my cousins Leslie & Haley, Moi, my best friend since the 8th grade, Jamie. My first college friend and amazing artist Anne, and another amazing artist, fellow blogger, and all around awesome friend Lauren! I promise I had a flower girl, she is just not in this photo.

I loved that I just told them to pick an orange or purple floral dress and they all picked knee-length ones! The colors looked beautiful on them, and I loved that they all helped tie the wedding colors in. I also told them to wear whatever shoes they wanted, and made them still look like a wedding party by getting them the cardigans.

Our guys: (From left) Kyle's brother Rich, My brother's Mark & David, Kyle's best man Dan. my handsome husband, our guy-usher & Kyle's nephew Dontae, Kyle's brother Chris, and his twin Brian. Liam was our ring-bearer (center).

I love our guys, so very much, but there was no way we were getting them into tuxes. Kyle actually went shopping with them all to buy the grey pants and white shirts, we ordered the ties, bowties, and suspenders online, and again, we told them to wear whatever shoes they wanted.

My friend Sara did an amazing job on my hair! I hated my hair all summer, and she would not let me cut it because she didn't want me to regret it later (smart thinking on her part!). I eventually found a picture of a hairstyle that I liked online, cut, color, and style and I got Sara's blessing. She actually made my hair look cuter than the pic! I of course messed it up when I was running around like a mad-woman, setting things up. Thankfully, the way she styled it was easy to fix. Seriously, Sara is the best!

Proof that my dad is a real person! I think these are the only ones of him without the mask on, there may also be a few candid ones floating around as well. I actually really like this family photo, I think it is the first one in a long time that is not awkward as all hell.

Mariah could not help herself and bought these. Liam found them.

I love this picture because this is Dontae, our male useher, and in the back is Mariah, our girl-usher. Dontae actually went and put a baseball cap & sneakers on after seeing Kyle's shoes. After he asked and I said it was okay, he said "That's why I love aunt Sara!". <3>

This one might actually be my favorite. We took one like this at the engagement shoot, and actually had it framed and sitting on the table at the wedding. People kept asking if I really did pick Kyle up, in which I would respond by picking Kyle up. This one is even better because as Michelle pointed out, it looks like Kyle is trying to fly :P

Well that is it for the moment, but I am sure I will bombard you guys with even more awesome photos as they come up! Again, thanks again to Michelle & Chris for the amazing pictures! (Also, check them out!!, do it now!!)

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18 Musings

  1. Brilliant again. You two look completely adorable.

    I love the idea of having matching cardigans to tie together the bridal party.

    It looks like it was an amazing day and you have great photos to remember it by

  2. I love the dresses all your bridesmaids wore! Best part, they can totally wear them again! That is the way to do it!

  3. nice photos! love the fourth picture,
    priceless captured! :-)


  4. Hi Sara !!!! Iam happy, happy, happy, for you!!!!L CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Beautiful photos, I loved your dress and your shoes...

    Big hugs and kisses

    Rose jp

  5. i seriously love your wedding. these are such great pics. aside from the last one, i love the one of the two of you sitting against the barn! so much fun!!

  6. MORE PICS PLEASE! Seriously cannot get enough. This looks like the most fun, non-uptight, awesome wedding.

  7. Your wedding looks like it was so fun. I love how charming everything is. Both of you look lovely together.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Your wedding looked soooo awesome. I would've loved to be there!

    I went to a wedding a month before yours & the grooms name was also Kyle. Fun fact. haha

  9. you looked SOOOO ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. your entire wedding looks like it was so dreamy! I'm so glad you guys kept it silly just as you are :). That makes it so much more sentimental and that last picture I actually busted out laughing. Too cute!!!

    Congrats on hitching and I hope that this journey is one that is happy for a lifetime!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  10. You have some beautiful friends and family! All the best!

  11. That orange so pops in these pictures. Such great photos capturing the moments! Wishing you lots of love and everything that comes with it!

  12. congratulations again! the photos are beautiful!

  13. Oh, so lovely! Love that fall back drop for the outside pictures. What wonderful memories at your wedding!!

  14. congrats to you & kyle! these are gorgeous photos and it looks like your wedding was a ton of fun. mazel tov!

  15. Ohmigosh Sara I LOVE your wedding shoes! And I love that Kyle got married in Converse. Honestly, I'd want my husband-to-be to wear Converse to the wedding, as well! And your little brother...too cute! He looks exactly like you!! :)

  16. The photos are just wonderful. Really.

  17. Congratulations, these made my heart melt, I especially love the black and white photos of you guys. Your dress was so cute. Looks like you guys had a blast.


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