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9:42 AM


Today is the first day of “Dump Your Pump”, a health & weight-loss challenge my work is encouraging it’s employees to join. I did join, even though I would have preferred this challenge to have started weeks ago, BEFORE my wedding, but still.

I have been known to be a person always armed with a plethora of projects and goals, and I have also been known for my snail-like pace at getting things done. Sometime this works to my advantage, I secretly adore the shocked look on the face of someone close to me when they discover I actually accomplished something I set out to do, be it months, or years ago.

My determination to finish school came at a surprise when I finally got my ass in gear sometime back in 2009; actually setting a wedding date was an even bigger one after being engaged to Kyle for 5+ years. The smaller things are what really shock Kyle at times, like learning how to jar food after spontaneously picking up a jarring book at Costco. Or teaching myself little crafts like making wreaths and random decorations for the wedding, better yet, planning the entire wedding.

Maintaining a healthy weight and cooking healthy meals is something I can do, with a lot of determination, but it helps to have a place to check into each week (work). So yeah, I guess my days of sitting in front of the TV, stuffing my face with triscuts, cream cheese, & BBQ sauce are over (yeah, I am gross but that is a delicious combination, even if it eventually makes me sick). WORD.

Jacket,Belt, Sweater,& Purse-Thrifted

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18 Musings

  1. I love your jacket! It's such a great color. I am so happy that it is Fall - bring on the leather and the boots!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. You look fabulous! The outfit is so colorful and creative. And your hair is perfect!

    Love your attitude and determination. You'll go far with those.

  3. It is hard, but yes, you can do it! We've been slowly making some healthy changes in the last year or so and it's made a huge difference!

    The color combination you have on is so fantastic! I love the jacket and your cute shoes. You just look adorable!

  4. I think you have noticeably changed over the past year alone with looking healthy through living more healthy. I will say though, triscuits with bbq sauce and cream cheese sounds good to me. haha. Really. I'd eat it. It reminds me of this type of dip I make with chilli, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese that I'd eat with tostitos.
    You look wonderful and I congratulate you on your hard work.

  5. Ooh, you can do it! Cooking healthy meals every night is actually super fun, but it's the snacking in between that gets me. Sob. Anyway, LOVE the outfit -- such a pretty color scheme, and those shoes are gorgeous! xx

  6. wow its really nice to see you achieve your goals :)

  7. Hey luv, you look so terribly cute!

    I like that you are doing the decorations for your wedding (my family did the ones for my wedding), and the 'dump ur pump' idea sounds great too!

  8. hello sara cut and dyed his hair was beautiful and always well dressed you look beautiful

    kisses rose jp

  9. Wow. I love your company. We have zumba on weekends in the office but I don't get to join since I work on weekends.

    I try to live a healthy lifestyle too and I'm spending more time in the kitchen now. I am so glad for whoever invented cookbooks! Swear!

    Love your bag and dress, btw. =)

  10. I love that your workplace is promoting healthy living - such a fabulous idea for the start of a new season!

    You look beautiful, Sara; I'm seriously digging the color of your jacket!! :)

  11. Layers, layers, layers, yay layers!

  12. Awesome shoes and scarf. I love that line "Dump your Pump"!

  13. Such an incredible dress and I love the way you spiced it up, too!

  14. i love how incredibly colorful your outfit is! you have such a great taste.
    I know how you feel about having lots of goals and projects! I get the exact same reaction from loved ones so don't fret hehe.

    i'm so so proud of you with your health and weight journey/lifestyle change. you have stuck to it and you are just so amazingly inspiring. i fell off of the bandwagon almost completely, but I think i'm finally getting myself back on track.

  15. Your jacket looks like the one Rose wore in Season 4! :O


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