Security Blanket

9:39 AM


Um, Got Wind? Apparently we do in Michigan. These were taken almost 2 weeks ago at this point, what the actual hell? Time is a sneaky bastard. My wedding shower is tomorrow and I have 163871638541336521685 things to do before then. Its times like these when coffee is more rewarding than beer.

This has been the summer of the denim vest guys, I have worn this sucker every weekend the past month or so, and it has become a sort-of security blanket when I am forced into another sundress. My bangs are another security blanket; I must have hair hanging above my eyes. I have always had bangs in some way, shape, or form. Everything from the blunt bangs I currently sport, the casual side-bang, even the little wispy strands on each side of my face, I just can’t 'bare' the thought of having a naked forehead.


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27 Musings

  1. I feel the same way about my bangs. I can go without getting a full haircut, but I need to get my bangs trimmed every month.
    Have fun at your Bridal Shower!

  2. Bangs suit you. As does a casual denim vest. They express your personality which is so darn appealing.

    If I saw you bang-less in a sequined gown, I'd think aliens had abducted your body and replaced it with a clone. A bad clone. I'd keep a lookout for the Tardis to show up...

  3. BOOTS!! (Note, please imagine Buddy in the movie ELF screaming 'SANTA' to understand what my voice sounded like when I exclaimed 'BOOTS!!' Seriously).

    You look so adorbs, Sara! I am in love with your hair. And your outfit...perfection! I want to wear fall clothes like this right now!!!! :)

  4. You are the only one I know who would wear her boots in the summer. That alone is very inspiring. Makes me want to wear my Fat baby boots.

    Love this color on you, too.

    Oh, the excitement! A head of you. Keep smiling!

  5. Oh..I like whispy! It was 55 when I got up this morning. I so looking forward to fall.

    I love these kind of vests.

    Sounds like a great weekend ahead of you.

  6. You are always inspiring. Even a trend setter with those bangs!

  7. I love your denim vest though, so nothing wrong with wearing it all the time! I have one that I bought recently and have only worn about once so far, I need to change that!

  8. Yes, Time flies, specially when you are getting ready for the most special moment in your life.
    Your outfit is so cute and needless to say, I love that you wore your denim vest over it. Denim is always the best and it adds a 'special-cool' something to every outfit :)
    Have a nice weekend

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    * Filomenas Closet *

  9. awww, super cute, sara! :) good luck for everything :))

  10. Happy Wedding Shower to you and your man! Enjoy and soak up every minute of it :)

  11. When I saw the name of your post, I immediately thought: bangs! Her security blanket (and mine too) is bangs. Love your bangs and love your denim vest.

    Have fun at the wedding shower and kudos to you for playing Our Lady Peace as the song of the day! I can't get enough of Raine Maida.

  12. two things i love are denim vests and bangs...and you are rocking them both! have fun tomorrow!

  13. Such a fun dress. I like the layers.

    All the best on your big day approaching.

  14. Yeah! About the WEDDING SHOWER! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    I like the ends of your hair.

  15. You're lookin oh so pretty despite all the busy-ness and stress I'm sure you're dealing with right now!
    And seriously, naked foreheads on me, scare me shitless. It's a problem. haha

  16. Oh yeah, I had blunt bangs until a couple years ago. Since I had hair I had bangs. I guess I technically have them now, though they feel much different.

  17. wow, i've missed so much around here. with teaching i really fell off. anyhow. so exciting for you upcoming nuptials. i perused your blog and got myself caught up. your engagement photos were so fun! Have a great time at your shower!

  18. Aw, this is so cool. So adorable. I hope you have a fun time at your shower.

  19. I want your denim vest! Gosh! I haven't found one for me, though. If I live nearby, I could've bought this from you. XD

    Happy Weekend!

  20. I get what you mean about the security blanket. We all have them! Anyways, I hope you had fun at your wedding shower. I can't wait for pics! :]

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Lots of love, B
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  21. Hi dear .) you have such a great blog hun! what do you think of following each other on bloglovin' and GFC? Let me know
    Keep in touch


  22. Well I actually think that you'd look great without bangs (or with side bangs)! And anyway I love this outfit <3 that dress looks so sweet and I like how you wore it, with your denim vest!
    I can't wait to see the photos of your wedding shower!

  23. You are so cute! I'm jealous of your amazing hair! Just stumbled across your blog and I adore your style! Lets follow each other? xx

  24. This is such a perfect outfit! I had recently picked up my first denim vest from a thrift store for $1 and I know all too well how often it can get over worn. Luckily, I've tried to keep it off the blog so it doesn't get too old to everyone else. lol

  25. I have bangs now (again) too. I adore having them but I was growing them out for my man. . .but it takes too many years to grow bangs with all this hair. . .so back to my way (he likes them)!

    What a pretty dress and I like the outfit as a whole as it is..


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