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UGH these pictures are all horrible, mostly because of my face. I look like I am afraid or confused or both. This is the dress I bought & wore for our weddings shower last Saturday, and for drinks at the local hole-in-the-wall bar, Sneakers, in Ferndale. I kind-of look like a grape, but I don’t mind as I really like this dress. Why my face could not cooperate on this day, I will never know.

I still cannot fathom that in 6.5 weeks I will be getting married, time is just flying! SOMEONE TELL IT TO STOP! We don’t have too much left to really do, pick up a few things for Kyle, figure out the caterer & the florist, and then a few decorating projects that I have started on. Our 11 year anniversary is this week (Sideburns & Bangs have been together how long??), and we also have to factor in a birthday party, and a group trip to the Michigan renaissance festival. Not to mention the bachelor & bachelorette parties, woot woot! Believe me, I am really looking forward to that, hehehe.

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25 Musings

  1. Wow! Congrats and cheers to more years together!

    I love your shoes too and the photos ain't bad as you think it is.

  2. Florist! I gotta go there. I will try to go after work and see if I can get info for you.

    Your face is fine in the photos! Well the second photo you do look confused but the others it's all good.

    When is Kyle's birthday? Dan and I were trying to figure that out last night. I know yours is Oct 20th...is it too early to send out an invite for halloween/bday party? lol

  3. Great dress. Can we photoshop someone else's head on it? Please?

  4. you are being too hard on yourself, i think you look lovely, face and all!! i love this dress! i am stressed out reading this post, but i know that you will get it all done...and have time to celebrate with that bechelor/bachelorette party, too!

  5. Such a beautiful skirt. Love this color. Oh my..such excitement to get through. All the best!

  6. You look lovely. I hope you enjoy the festives coming up. Wow! I'm really excited for you.

  7. Great update! Love this outfit. I so love how you put a retro spin on it too.

    I know I'd be a nervous wreck..about now. Sending positive thoughts your way. That's so great about the 11 year anniversary coming up, too.

  8. Lov'n this update. You look great in this color!

  9. So sweet. Really an awesome color.

    Wow, so much going on..Wishing you all the best with some great memories in the process.

  10. Oh my 11 years ! May u last forever together!!! And the shoes are gorgeous! Have a great fun with the weeks to come! x

  11. This color is amazing! It's so rich and royal. You look gorgeous!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. SADDLE SHOES! I LOVE saddle shoes! Where oh where did you get them!

  13. Yayyy so exciting Sara!!! I'm excited for you!

    The purple looks perfect on you.

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  14. Hi Sara!!! Besutiful dress and shoes...

    kisses kisses rose jp

  15. It must be a lot of fun getting the wedding together. How exciting! And this is a really cute dress, it looks lovely on you =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  16. Oh my, so many things to do! :) well I guess that stressing out a little is part of getting married hehe
    You look amazing, this colour really flatters your skin <3 and I love how you wore it, with your lovely saddle shoes.

  17. Ohmigosh how cute do you look, Sara?! I LOVE the color of this dress; and the saddle shoes are just adorbs! I have to tell you something...since you cut/dyed your hair do you know who you look like? ALEXA CHUNG! I am not joking!!! :)

  18. That dress is so cute, I love this colour! <3

  19. I absolutely adore the collar feature on your Modcloth dress...it's the cutest! Just a few weeks left...yay!

  20. 1st. The first thing I notice is that you looked confused in some of these shots so it made me giggle a little when I read that you thought the same. Although I think its mildly endearing.

    2nd. Holy poop! That's so exciting, time does fly by wowzers!

    3rd. I love CCR. And I LOVE that song! I've heard many renditions of it, but theirs is by far my favorite.

    4th. I think this color is darling on you, and I want to kick your butt and steal those shoes.

  21. Those shoes and the white picket fence behind you just scream Gilmore Girls....Lovely!

  22. No, I won't tell it to stop! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!!!!Your outfit is so cute. arent those shoes so comfortable!?!? I have them too. I wear them from time to time and they've lasted a couple years, so it works to keep them! I rip my shoes to shreds usually!

  23. This dress is superb! I'm sure all the celebrations will fall into place and you'll have a blast. Such a fun time!


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