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Kyle has a habit of liking golf,  which is usually pretty annoying to because I don't really like golf, at all. However, Kyle was up pretty early one morning this week to golf and so I asked him to take some outfit pics for me. It has been the perfect week weather-wise, and I have enjoyed wearing light layers-and no tights, woot woot! I think this is going to be my work uniform for summer, light dress, light cardigan and comfy shoes for walking around outside on my lunch break. My co-worker's now refer to me as "The warehouse guard-dog", because I walk laps around the building on my lunch-break. I even convinced a couple of the managers to walk around Detroit with me when they are not busy, it's nice to get away from the desk. 

Oh, and here is a pic of me looking like a pack-mule. You can't even see my giant brown bag in this pic, but this is what I haul with me every single day. Look, you can even see my little Weezer tattoo in this pic :)

Morning 001

Dress & Sweater-Thirfted
Purse & necklace-Gifts

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18 Musings

  1. You are adorable. I should take a walk during lunch, that is a good idea and a good break away from the computer screen. Loving the tat!

  2. Sara!!! Beautiful dress and cardigan ...

    kisses rose jp

  3. I love how you've matched your belt and shoes! The cardigan is such a cute colour too.

    Style by Joanne

  4. pretty outfit and pretty you. i love your dress and shoes. glad you had a great time, sara :)

  5. You always look so, so adorbs, Sara! I love the way your necklace picks up the colors of your dress - such a pretty pairing! :)

  6. that is what i look like when i go to work every day, too! i love your dress with the big belt! and yes, those shoes do look good with everything!

  7. I love this belt with this outfit. Oh, I do know how you feel..being weighed down with so much to take to work.

    Hope you are having a sweet weekend.

  8. That is so great that you walk during lunch break. Glad you are showing the way. Sweet outfit!

  9. I applaud your walking. I walk every chance I get -- which, during my workday, is several times; I use "going to the Post Office" down the block as my excuse.

    There are so many things we (your readers) like about you. You're a really special person, Sara.

  10. Such a sweet necklace with this outfit. I'm adoring this!

  11. Cute dress and I see you're still rocking those moccasins! Also, damn that's a lot of stuff to bring everyday haha. :D

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my Met Gala post.

    Lots of love, B
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  12. Love your dress and cardigan and the tan accessories are very stylish with it. That morning sun looks beautiful.

  13. So love your belt with this outfit. Such a great time for pictures. Hope you have a good week.

  14. This is lovely! Hope your weekend was great!

  15. Adorable I'm starting to think that u are a true blue cardigan x dress girl! Not that I never notice, i bet you have hundreds! Btw I did a post on the avengers thought u would love to see loki hehe

  16. Love this dress! I totally understand the feeling of needing to get out and around a bit during the work day. That's half the reason I go out to eat 4 days a week, it's just not fun to stay in the same building ALL day.


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