Right Saturday

10:44 PM


For having such a lazy night last night, today sure made up for it, holy cow. Kyle and I woke up early and headed out to Ann Arbor with his Mom Debbie to look at the wedding venue and take some notes. Debbie ended up really liking the place (a plus since we've already paid the deposit), and walking the grounds gave us some fresh ideas for the big day. Then we headed to town for lunch and Kyle suggested a healthy diner-type place that offered catering, bonus. The food was amazing! They had sooo many delicious things to choose from and the catering menu looked great and it is on the affordable side. We want to look around a little more first but it feels good to have accomplished something so far in this wedding planning frenzy.

Then we hit up Ragtime with my friend Aaron who had happened to be in A2 (in Michigan we give everything nick-names; ie Detroit is "The D", Ann Arbor is "A2") as well. Then I dragged Kyle into Urban Outfitters knowing damn well that I could not afford the clothes-but everything is so pretty! I ended up getting decorative plates for the wall instead. They have birds and cats on them-Cat Lady Pride!


Being in A2 is a little different than the ghetto/hiptser/granola life of Oak Park & Ferndale. There are people everywhere, mostly college students as UofM-The Harvard of the Midwest-resides in the city. Fashionably dressed people swarmed the street, there were crazy in-shape people jogging everywhere, guys playing musical instruments on the sidewalk-it was crazy! Normally I would start to feel bad about myself-and I did for a second, but then I felt motivated. If these kids could go running on a nice Saturday afternoon instead of sitting on their butts then I can too! The pizza from last night may have been a little set-back but I still feel great and motivated. I am Sara, hear me snort!


Jacket-Urban Oufitters
Socks-Borrowed from Kyle
Dress-Forever 21
Boots-Doc Martins

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16 Musings

  1. hello Sara ... this morning you will not believe ... ohei for a bag that I like her just change the model and thought I want to use it
    but it is thought that matches the outfit will use it later, and when I come to your blog you see a bag like that ... hahaha coincidence
    was super cool and combined with his garment, I also have a short-barreled black boot that uses alias love it ... now you gave me an inspiration for later
    I am also wanting to get an English school ... I'm very willing to talk with you, write more, but for now my google translator is ... but I love their friendship to the shybiker ...
    and do not care to read your blog with the google translator ... we end up liking the person you're one of them.....also love your comments on my blog and is always translated ... you guys have inspired me to study English .... so I would not be so limited
    now also a translator put it on my blog as soon as you put it in your language it is translated the page simultaneously,,,, so you guys can also read.
    I did this with much love thinking about you because they do not want to lose contact and somehow we met in this world so immense, there is a higher power that has driven us to this, I do not see simply as a coincidence,,, to when you marry, have their children travel to their beautiful even without knowing them to be participating this
    is today I think I'm inspired, I hope you have given to understand English ..

    kisses rose japan

  2. "I am Sara, hear me snort!" lolz tehehe!

  3. I love your jacket and the colour of your sweater :)

  4. Love your dress so much that is a very lovely print. It looks great with the sweater over it.

  5. Great last line! Love this jacket!

    Wow, sounds like things are really getting set for the big day!

    All the best. Cold and lots of snow here..brrrr....

  6. I'm so excited for you guys! This outfit rocked too! Cool about the plates.

  7. Oh, sounds amazing! The wedding festive are really coming along. I hope you guys get a lot done.

    I love your outfit.

    I enjoyed the tidbits about the area too.

  8. Oh, the excitement! I'm happy you guys have found so much to get ready for the big day.

    Sweet outfit!

  9. Your last line is a killer!

    Let me start by being frivolous before I get serious. A2? Hilarious. And your outfit is cute.

    I enjoyed your observations about the difference in the crowd. In the very short time I've known you, you have quite dramatically shifted from being on the outer edge of adolesensce to the inner edge of young adulthood. Your clothes, your attitude, your seriousness all display a maturity that's newly arrived and quite adorable. Plus, to your credit, you haven't lost the youthful quirky playfulness you've always had. You are combining the best of both stages in life. What a pleasure to watch you grow!

  10. Gah! Your hair has been looking more fabulous than ever lately, Sara; and I LOVE your skirt! :)

  11. the color of the sweater is amazing on you.

  12. I love those little private names for stuff. Sometimes i'll accidentally say them to people who don't know and they'll look at me in a very confused way.

    Love your hair by the way!

  13. This outfit is such an awesome to kick back to some of your classic blog ensembles. It's got the plaid, docs, and just the perfect touch of accessories! (love the grandma floral purse a ton!)

    What a great outfit to wear on a day when you kicked some butt and got a lot done! I bet it's a relief to finally tack down a location. Now you can worry about lesser important details. haha

  14. Hey, girl! I am so happy that your wedding preparations are going smoothly. I can't wait to hear more of your plans and I can't wait for pictures of the special day haha. :D

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
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  15. HABAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Right on, girl ( in a southern accent) I love your outfit. The sweater pullover your dress look is cso cute on you! I just love your bag!

  16. Wedding plans! Planning things is always exciting! (Or is that just me?) I love the build-up to a big party or big ceremony. I'm sure everything will be beautiful and lovely for you guys.
    Good luck with your running ;)


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