Eats: Taco Night!

8:56 AM

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Thursday nights are like Friday nights around here, one of the few days that Kyle and I are home at the same time and we usually want to do something fun. What usually happens is this: Get home late, crave junk-food because I am already "weekend-mode", sit on our butts and catch up on TV shows until 11pm and then we get really pissed because we forgot that Thursday nights are also trash nights. I know! It is so hard to believe, but really, we are that awesome.

So, I try to make something fun on those nights. I make healthy "junk" food, and last week we had tacos! So easy, just cook up some whole-grain rice, get a can of black beans, stir-fry some peppers and onion, heat up some corn tortillas and top it off with avocados, salsa & sour cream. I also make sure to get some corn tortilla chips and rice cheese shreds to go with it, yum!

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16 Musings

  1. Sara you are making me hungry haha! this look so good! i'm a junk food person myself and i have to stop because my face has been breaking out badly haha

  2. YUMMMMMM!!!!! We are addicted to black beans right now....all our healthy food seems to be Mexican themed! And wooot for rocking some PBR!

  3. Oh, I like this so much. Beautiful tacos!

  4. Its so sweet that you guys cook together! I hope you have a great weekend! And thank you for reading. I so appreciate your feedback.

  5. I love tacos! Ha and PBR. :) Hope you guys have a good weekend.

  6. I seriously make tacos every week, so easy.

  7. LOL! We have the same dishes AND the same cookware! Too funny!

  8. I want to visit you for the food. And the fashion. And the friendship. But mostly the food. :)

  9. yum yum, you are making me drool!

    Hope all is well my dear, have a great weekend!

  10. yam yam yam yam....yummmmm.....delicioussss Sara..

    kisses, kisses rose jp

  11. Oh gosh, your food posts always makes me hungry haha. I love having taco nights. My family usually do Taco Tuesdays or Taco Thursdays. :D

    P.S. I still have to see 'The Artist' too!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  12. What a yummy way to kick off the weekend - love! :)


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