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The years 1999-2003 were years of goofing off with friends, sweating it out on the track or on the soccer field, biting my nails through drivers ed, faking my way through French, drooling over my math teacher, being awkward around boys, food fights, being made fun of for anything I am doing/wearing/talking about at any moment, and learning some valuable live lessons. I would not have made it through high school without my best friend Jamie, who had somehow found a way to end up in almost every single one of my classes each year. Or without Kyle, who showed me that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and that there was life after high school.

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As you can tell, I was anything but a fashion guru in high school. I lived in hoodies, jeans, and I wore a head scarf almost every day, and got yelled at for wearing it every day. I rocked every hair color imaginable and I even sported ombre locks in my senior pics! See, I was just before my time.

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Being an adult is hard at times and I miss those track meets, soccer games, skipping school to go to Belle Isle in Detroit, skipping school to go to Tiger's games. Skipping school to go to Taco Bell...I wasn't a good student at all in those days, I think I graduated with a 2.9. To be honest, I never cared about my grades until my last year at OCC. 

Prom I kinda miss, but I still get almost as excited when I get dressed up to go out with friends. I sometimes miss having my own room to hang up pictures of hot guys, and blasting my angry-chick music. I miss seeing my friends every single day, and cramming into my tiny car just to drive around town. However, I don't miss getting yelled at for clothes, or for trying to find something decent to eat in the cafeteria. I now can google as many attractive celebs as I want and I blast my music in my car, and at home, mostly when Kyle isn't around but when he is, I have giant pink headphones.

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For now I am bringing in the New Year a day early with the lovely lady pictured with me above and some of my other great friends. Something I have gained over the years, better friends, and better relationships with my friends. Something, save for Jamie and Kyle, I never had back in the glory days.

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13 Musings

  1. Aw..the good old days! It made me smile..what fond memories!

  2. Wow! Just Wow..this was so fun having this flashback post!

  3. Awesome! Love your pictures. What a way to look back. Go you!

  4. Hi Sara!!! Beautiful , happy New Year
    Kisses rose jp

  5. aww, you look so cute :D i love your 2nd picture. nice old time memory, right? u make me miss my old friends :)) happy new year, sara.

  6. I love this idea for a post, really great. I totally want to post about high school one day too because I have so many memories of it and it is a time I miss very much. I can relate to your high school experiences a lot especially not being a fashionista and trying out all the different hair colours. Happy new year.

  7. high school sara how awesome! sometime i miss school too

  8. Ah Sara thanks for taking me back to high school...good/bad memories, but tons of growth. I love how curly your hair is in the first photo and how you sported the ombre look in your senior pic! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!

  9. What a fun -- and wise -- look back. Thanks for the pictures. Your cuteness is ageless.

    Happy New Year!

  10. I love recap posts.
    Sometimes I miss high school too, it was all so easy back then :)

    And I totally feel ya on the "wish I could put up posters and blast music" - I'm back there right now and enjoying it. But I'm excited to have to compromise again one day. You get the best of both worlds! :D

    Happy New Year Sara. I'm gonna be more active around from now.

  11. You were so adorable!!!!!!!! I love all of these pictures. They totally show the time period that I remember it to be hehehehe.

  12. Love this post. Pretty sure we would have been friends in high school. Except I was a total nerd and had a 4.0.

  13. Haha, I love these photos! It's so much fun to go through old photographs. Oh high school, what a crazy time.


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