Halloween Antics

6:35 PM

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Last Saturday we went to a Halloween party! Kyle went as a crazy old man and I went as Kurt Cobain after reading a blog post from HelloGiggles. I stole one of Kyle's big cozy sweaters, donned my old converse and even added olive oil to my hair to make myself look more greasy and grungy.  We ended up in the garage playing beer-pong, me watching, the guys playing, and hanging out with my friends Sara and Anne so I was nice and warm. I really had fun seeing friends that I haven't seen in awhile and meeting new ones. 

I can't believe how fast October is flying by, there is still so much to do! Picking pumpkins, watching cheesy Halloween movies, dressing up with friends and going out, and passing out candy! Kyle and I are so excited  to pass out candy this year because we never got to at the apartment and we live on a corner that has heavy foot-traffic. We are also planning on heading out with friends next weekend, and we are going to dress up and it's going to be a blast! Eeep, can't wait!

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12 Musings

  1. Clever costumes. Handing out candy to kids is one of the best parts of the holiday!

  2. What a pair! Love that guitar! Looks like Kyle had some fun.

    I come from a family who liked to dress up like Adam Ant..both my parents.

  3. Oh, that's so cool..Curt Cobain. Love that guitar!

  4. wow a halloween party already! starting early so fun! you two look great...going as kurt cobain? great idea! haha love the greasy effect

  5. haha what fun!!! The old man definitely is an old man!!! And you pulled it off well as Kurt Cobain with that loose-fitting grey cardigan and your hair...Love him!!! Cheers!!!

  6. hahaha, you're too cute to be kurt cobain :) well, i love mr. cobain, i think he's so cool and we both are left handed.
    really good idea for halloween, sara. i don't know that on your country halloween party is already start. it start next week in here.
    really love your post, and the old man a little creep me out on last picture! :))

  7. You look appropriately moody to dress as Cobain haha.The olive oil in hair is genius, but I can only imagine how much of a mess that would be eek!

    I'm writing a film feature for the newspaper this week about Halloween films for people who can't watch horror movies (aka me ha). You sound like you would know that category quite well. Would you mind Facebooking me your favs?

    P.S. BIG thanks for your message about blogger layouts. All of your tips were really good and seem easy enough to implement. I'm a bit busy this week, but after next I will see what I can do.

  8. These are seriously two of the most original and unique Halloween costumes EVER, Sara - love! :)

  9. his costume is so scary!!! haha. I'm glad my boys weren't looking at the computer when I looked at the photos. You make the perfect Kurt Cobain! That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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