Cider Mill Hopping

6:44 PM

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A few years ago, the guys and I started a tradition of Cider Mill hopping around all of the cider mills and pumpkin patches in the Romeo & Rochester area. It is kind of insane, we typically try a little cider and doughnuts from each place and load up on cider and sweets to take home. This year, Becky and her friend Charlyne came with us, it was a blast! We were going to pick apples today but they closed at five so we didn't get a chance. Miller's Big Red has to be my favorite in the area, they had bunnies and Llamas, hayrides, pumpkins, sweets, a little market and tons of food. They also have a really cool haunted hayride at night that we have gone to before and it is really cool. Since we didn't get to go on a hayride today, we will have to make another trip, can't complain about that ;)

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The weather today was amazing, high seventies in October? Heck yes! I went pretty casual today, I threw on one of my favorite thrifted tops & my thin cardi and was good to go. Every time were are in a picturesque area like this, I always wish that I had worn something more feminine, but there is no way I can climb on hay bales in a dress without flashing people. Plus, I think jeans deserve a little more love on this blog.

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This weekend just ended and I am already super pumped for the upcoming weekend. Friday is my cousin Jimmy's wedding, and Saturday is the Michigan-Michigan State game, a huge college football game in my state. Saturday night we are going to a Halloween party and I am really exited! We are all supposed to dress up in costumes and I think I am just going to dig though my clothes and try to come up with something so I can save money. Now I just need to manage to get though the work week and the ton of school work I have piled up, wish me luck! 
Cidermill 060

Floral button-up-Thrifted
Black Cardigan-Target
Skinny jeans & belt-Forever 21

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21 Musings

  1. What a fun fall thing to do! Sweet shirt.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend thing to do with friends! Love the pictures.

  3. Oh, I love this outing. I miss going to pumpking patches.

    Beautiful shirt!

  4. I never tire of looking at you; in fact, seeing your pictures gives me hope for humanity. And hearing good news about your life is so great.

  5. Love cider, doughnuts, and this awesome thrifted floral shirt! Such a fun day...I gotta head to our local apple orchard for some cider!

  6. Cute shoes!

  7. oh yeah, it was in the 80s here in NJ!!! It was in the 50s the week before! go figure. I adore your blouse so much in these shots.

  8. I really love your moccasins! Your thrifted top would have been mine too if I had it in my closet, it looks so comfy :D You have so much planned for the weekend, I kind of do too, I love it when weekends are booked. I wish weekdays would just be as fun, I think we can all make it that way with a little bit more effort. :D

  9. Love the pumpkins..and your shoes..too!

  10. Your top is really pretty and feminine - so it balance sout the jeans, I think! :) cider hopping looks like fun! :D

  11. ah, too bad i can't eat Halloween food this year. i just have tooth surgery and it feel so hurt when i chew something. you look pretty as always, and hey! i have same moccasin with u :) i'll show to you soon, i think that's funny we live separated zillions mile but had a same shoes, lol :)

  12. Awh, that's a cute tradition! It looks really fun especially being with friends. :P

    I love your moccasins. They're adorable.


  13. what a fun trip...those donuts look yummy and i love your blouse! i've made cider but never been to a mill now i must track one down.

  14. First, I like your new blog background. CUTE!

    This is such a great tradition. Miller's Big Red sounds like my kind of place lol. A haunted hayride? That's insanely fun!

    Did you buy pumpkins to carve for Halloween? I love doing that although I haven't been doing that for years now.

    You still looked cute, no worries. :)

    XoXo, Bree
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  15. That is the best tradition I have ever heard of. It sounds really delish! Its been in the 70's here too, WTF!? AWESOME! I agree about jeans needing more love. You look so perfectly collegiate here, and that blouse is so pretty and feminine you don't need a dress.
    I went to Penn State and both Michigan teams make me gag a little ;) BUT! I hope you have fun!!!

  16. Wow, looks like great fun :) and I love your comfy look, perfect for a trip like that!
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  17. Oh the donut calls me. It looks delicious. You have the sweetest smile. x What better way to celebrate Autumn then pumpkin patch celebrations!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  18. oh my gosh you look so adorable! it looks like you guys had a blast. i hope to go to something like this soon. i wish i could just travel to the mountains!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


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