Autumn Picnic

9:32 PM

dress 007
dress 008

Hello there unexpected week off from the blogging world! I have seriously been hit with everything this past week, school, home, it's insane! I have been completely exhausted on top of everything, and last night, I had a meltdown. Yep, way to stay on top of everything Sara. Even though I feel a little mopey still, I am feeling better. I came home to a clean kitchen, which is amazing. I can't focus when the house is a mess, it is too distracting, and Kyle has been a sweetheart and managed to clean it up for me, and go to the grocery store this week. He is just as a busy as I am with work and school, and I am so happy that he took the time to help.

dress 009
dress 004

I honestly really wanted to wear this outfit for a picnic, isn't it just begging to be worn in a park, with some cider and pb&j? I adore this dress sent over from eShaki ! It is the perfect length and it is a wrap-style which is so flattering to "pears" like me. I honestly had a hard time picking out a product to review from their site because everything is so cute! All of their items come in sizes 0-26W and they can customize your item to your shape and style! Cute clothes that are guaranteed to fit? Can't beat that. I finally settled on this number because of the red-orange color that is perfect for fall. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this baby had pockets! Score! Too bad I only went to work in this dress and not to an actual picnic. I had to layer a cardi over it because it is chilly in our office and the longer length of the cardi looked frumpy, so I just tied it up and viola! I think it helped show off the pretty color of the dress too.

dress 001dress 002

Right now I am loving this weather, and I am kicking myself for not getting any cute outfits in this week! It has been in the 70s all week and it has been amazing. That is what happens though when your week is choc-full of work, tests and birthdays. I did get to have the ultimate collage experience on Tuesday in my Shakespeare seminar though, I love that class! We were discussing the beautiful weather and the professor suggested we take the class outside for the evening, and we did! All 12 of us parked our butts right next to the pond, lovingly called "beer lake", and discussed Macbeth. I could have died, I love my school so much and I am going to miss it like crazy, but it is time to go, only two more months left. 

dress 003

Now I am off to finish cleaning the house, it's not too bad, and to finish laundry. I have a huge pile of it that needs to be organized, folded, hung and probably ironed. Joy. I think this calls for some diet pepsi and Gilmore Girls to make the chore a little easier, no? ;)

dress 005

Wrap Dress- c/o eShaki
Clog platforms-Forever 21
Black Cardigan & Bacon & eggs tote -Target

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30 Musings

  1. Having meltdowns is never fun. That's good you're feeling better. :)

    This dress looks so cute on you. I love how you made it fall appropriate. It'll be fun to see how you style it in the spring/summer. Plus the bag is right at home with this outfit.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh yeah, Gilmore Girls makes everything better. I had a moment like that earlier this week...I chalk mine up to hormones..haha.. but glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Coming home to a clean house is huge brownie points for sure. Anyhow, loving your dress and your bag...could they be any cuter?! Shakespeare by the lake just sounds absolutely divine!

  3. The bag! That is the cutest bag I've seen. If only I could spot one as pretty.

    You are one gorgeous lady. Your smile sends me happy spells!!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  4. Do not know what I liked more, if it was your dress or your bag
    that beautiful *-*
    I want them to me.
    I loved it.

    Thanks for visiting, kisses.

  5. Such an awesome dress! Sweet update. Stay well...and focuses.

  6. Its good to see this amazing outfits. Love the red white and black. Hope you have a picnic in this outfit soon.

  7. Such an amazing dress. Good to hear you are doing OK. Lots of colds and coughs around here.

  8. So adorable! I'm so glad Kyle is helping out!

  9. Cool update. Beautiful dress. Hope you have a sweet weekend.

  10. YES! I had the same kind of week this week. Just WAY too much stuff to deal with! Ugh! :(

    I hope you're having a better day today and that this week gets smoother and smoother.

    This dress IS SO CUTE! Oh my gosh! I love the style of this dress and the print. Perfect combination!

  11. Your clogs are very cute and I love the bacon and eggs tote! :D

  12. I love this outfit!! your hair looks awesome!!

  13. I really love your is cute and humorous! School has been crazy for me too right now...keep your head up girl!!!

  14. Adore your bag, and the shoes are amazing!!!

  15. You are soooooo adorable-looking! Love your outfit!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  16. awww so cute, look at that bag!

  17. happy picnic! :) this is the cutest outfit i ever seen. you look so cute, love your hair. and that egg-bacon bag just toooo yummy :D

  18. What a cute look, so perfect for a picnic! And that bag?! Just too cute! I love it!

    Join my giveaway♥

  19. That's such a cute dress - the pattern somehow just suits you so perfectly!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  20. Great look, I could not have imagined this dress for Autumn but those shoes make it happen ;)



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  23. Very cute dress. I'd wear it in an instant. And your shoes are quite cute, too.

    Life is hard sometimes, isn't it? The past two weeks I struggled with a heavy workload on top of a cold which really exhausted me. So I can relate. A little Emily, Lorelei and Rory is the answer...

  24. That is such an adorable dress! I love the color and the print. And what a fun bag!

  25. You look so cute and unstressed, I'd never know you were melting down. I love the red gingham :)

  26. ahhhhhhhhh sooooo cool it:)))kisses La Folie 

  27. Come visit my blog again please?

  28. Your dress is gorgeous! I think I'd have a hard time picking as well but you did well! Yes, I would wear it to a picnic, although our weather hasn't been picnic friendly. I can't believe it's still raining and it's already October!

    Your ultimate college experience is awesome! I would have loved to discuss Macbeth near a lake! Must have been so beautiful, even better when you have a professor who's great and lets you guys have a little discussion outside.

  29. Why the meltdown? You look amazing in this! I really adore the dress and the bag. One of my favorites of your outfits!


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