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Sunday we spent the day in Mackinac City with some of my family and it rained off and on all day long. It was awesome because it cooled everything down and at the same time, each time it started dripping, we would just head into another gift shop. I love cheesy tourist spots, Kyle and I have about five Mackinac magnets and shot glasses, we are like an old couple. Of course my mother informed me that I did not match as soon as she saw me, but matching is overrated right?

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We took these pictures on the way back to the camp site. This is a little scenic lookout of Lake Superior in the little town of Paradise, Michigan. I loved driving through this little town! At one point they had a blueberry festival that we stopped at and it was actually a small art fair by the town hall. Inside, they had a blueberry pancake breakfast going on and they were selling muffins and pies, yum! Dan and I ended up getting some horse radish that was amazing with our camp food later in the week.

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Kyle and I were discussing which of the Great Lakes we loved the most. I had always been partial to Lake Michigan, but we both agreed that Lake Superior is beautiful. We have seen it where it was really choppy with huge waves, and then really smooth and still, almost like glass. Some of my family lives in the UP near Iron Mountain, one of the areas that we have not been to yet, and we are definitely going to make a point to go that way next time. Don't get me wrong, I love Oak Park, I love working in the city, but I really love the UP.

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Shirt & Necklace-Gift
Skirt, belt & jacket-Thrifted

Song of the day "Tender" by Blur

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21 Musings

  1. I love the UP too. I'm counting the days until my next trip in October. My man-friend's family has a cottage in Eagle Harbor, which is way WAAAAY up there on the tip of the Keweenaw (probably spelling that wrong), and it's like no place on earth. It's definitely our happy place.

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous as always lovely! I love those mixed prints and your smile just brightens my day :))

  3. I'm going to take that penultimate picture, blow it up, sell it to the masses and make a fortune. You look so happy! And the striped blue top is terrific.

  4. Paradise Michigan looks aptly named! I love your combination of florals and stripes in this outfit :)

  5. How sweet. Such happiness in the photos.

  6. So love the pics..and that skirt too. I would never think to dress so fun. Me, um..jeans, T-shirt..hiking boots.

  7. Don't match? Pish-posh doesn't your mom know that stripes+florals are totally IN this season? Or does she not read fashion blogs?
    This photo set is great you all look so happy and it looks like loads of fun :)

  8. What a fun outfit. & you guys are having so much fun!

  9. you're so cute! i have sunglasses almost exactly like that, and i love your shirt!!


  10. wow beautiful place ..... i like your skirt .....

  11. This place looks beautiful! I'm sorry it rained though...
    Btw I love the outfit, and how those stripes match the floral skirt. Well done!!

  12. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for following my blog, beautiful Sara.
    I am honoured, and following you back.

  13. Oh yes, matching is so totally over-rated - your outfit is really quite perfect as I adore mixing stripes & florals! Loving the beautiful photos of the lake, seems like such a delightful place to go & a blueberry festival/ art fair: you are speaking my language;)

  14. Oooh, I love the pattern mixing - and I totally want to run out and buy a jean jacket!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  15. I've loved looking at all of your UP pictures! Lake Superior is by far the best Great Lake. There's just no debate. :)

  16. i up part of michigan i need to exploremichigan i little more haha i love your outfit it look is soo cute i love the skirt

  17. This outfit is SO cute on you!!! I love it. That top is so nice for going to the lake! I really would love to see it for myself one day. Lakes are my favorite body of water. Nice to see an update from you. I've missed your posts on your blog. haha.

  18. Great photos again, love your top!
    It's so nice to discover these places through your blog, thanks for sharing!

  19. Matching is completely overrated! I think your outfit looks lovely. I've never been to Michigan but it looks really gorgeous.


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