Lake Michigan, Unsalted

5:00 PM

Vacation2-2011 240
Vacation2-2011 241
Vacation2-2011 238
Vacation2-2011 247
Vacation2-2011 279
Vacation2-2011 278
Vacation2-2011 261
Vacation2-2011 130
Vacation2-2011 111
Vacation2-2011 228
Vacation2-2011 248
Vacation2-2011 257
Vacation2-2011 245
Vacation2-2011 161
Vacation2-2011 132
Vacation2-2011 249
Vacation2-2011 274
Vacation2-2011 118
Vacation2-2011 260
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12 Musings

  1. wow, that's so beautiful.
    i wanna go and witness it firsthand!
    it looks so quiet and peaceful there. i'd love to just sit there and read.

    I really really like the Agnita Dress! there's so many ways you can dress it up.
    It's super cute.

    Come and join!
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  2. These are absolutely gorgeous, wish I could go there too! ;-)

  3. Very beautiful place and pictures!! :)

  4. Lovely shoot! The lake with all those sky colors is such a wonderful place (:

  5. that is quite an intense gif! So did he skip it well enough? How lovely of a place.


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