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Charlevoix Michigan is a wonderful, beautiful little tourist city, full of book stores, coffee shops, cafes and clothing stores. You can't actually live there unless you are a millionaire, or close to it, but it really is an amazingly cute little city. We did not stay in Charlevoix, but we camped at Fisherman's island nearby. One thing that I loved about Charlevoix, is that there is almost always something going on. Like the Farmer's market, that we hit up first thing the morning we arrived. There is also a little park by the boat docks where there is a music performance almost every night, and a little beach that looks out over Lake Charlevoix, where you can see the giant boats come in, or sit on the swing set and read and ignore everyone. 

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One of the coolest parts of the city is this little cafe Scovie's. Each time we visit Charlevoix, we have to go here. They have tons of delicious and amazing food, everything from sandwiches, salads, pastas and soups. Mmmm! I miss it already, hehe. Scovie's is located right next to the lift bridge, so it was cool to watch all the boats come in, right outside the cafe.

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Scarf, Skirt & belt-Thrifted

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15 Musings

  1. chocolate milk! Such a great outfit!

  2. Yummy veggies! I love your skirt.

  3. I love that picture of the water. Great post!

  4. Really, some wonderful photos. That one about the chocolate made me laugh.

  5. My goodness, Charlevoix looks like such a fun, cute town! Your skirt is fantastic, also. I need to try out a longer length skirt, stat!

  6. Never been there, but it looks pretty! The picture of you on the swing with the seagull made me laugh! :)

  7. I perked up when I saw the Adult Chocolate Milk hahahah!! I love it when a place has tons of little cool places to go to, specially book stores, there is always a good find if you get the time to really dig around :)

    I love the color of your top, it's such a rich color it's one of my favorite gem tones and that skirt is so lovely! :D

  8. Sara, what kind of camera are you guys using? You pictures are beautiful! ;)

  9. Such an enchanting place!
    I must say I love your skirt, Sara! Its length, its colour and pattern...simply perfect! You look great in it :)

  10. We have a Canon Rebel T1i, it's awesome :)

  11. Looks like quite a fun time! To sum it up: I really love everything about this post from the gorgeous skirt to the beautiful Michigan scenery:)

  12. I drink Chocolate Milk every morning. does this mean I've been too childish that I haven't used Adult Chocolate Milk??


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