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10:09 PM

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Okay so this meal was an event and a half! I had everything all cooked and ready, when I somehow managed to drop the entire pot of cooked noodles, slipped, and landed in a puddle of hot water and said noodles. At least this meal came out really good!

When Kyle and I were at the store Sunday night, I was a little exasperated trying to figure out our dinners for the week. We have been eating a lot of chicken and fish, so I didn't want to get that. There is a giant salmonella outbreak on ground turkey so that was just not going to happen, and the 5+ years working at McDonalds has sworn me off of beef for life so...I decided to pick up some veggie protein and make a pasta!

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As you can see, this is another one of those meals where I take a basic premix and add my own style to it. What you will need:

-Box of noodles (I used spiral veggie-noodles)
-Tomato sauce (I use two jars, and apparently two brands)
-1 package Sausage veggie protein
-Red & Yellow peppers
-Grape tomatoes
-Cayenne pepper
-Black pepper
-Season salt
-Celery salt
-Extra virgin olive oil

Start by chopping all of the veggies, garlic & onion, I added some summer squash since we have an insane amount of it growing in our garden, place in a bowl to the side. Slice the grape tomatoes in half, I used about a cup.  Next, empty sauce in a pot over low-warm heat stirring occasionally. When it is all warm, add the basil & tomatoes, cayenne pepper & black pepper to taste. Cover, set to low and stir occasionally.

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Next heat up a skillet or pan with a little olive oil. Here is where it got a little tricky, I had never cooked veggie protein before and I was not sure how to cut it up. It is pretty thick, and did not break apart like beef so I decided to just cook up chunks of it with a little of the season salt, cayenne pepper and black pepper over a medium-high heat. After the sides began to brown, I added all of the veggies and a little celery salt and a little more cayenne pepper. Next I boiled the water for the noodles and threw them in.

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After the veggies are cooked, but still crispy, turn off the heat. Drain the noodles and place in a bowl, top with lots of sauce & veggie/veggie protein. Kyle and I devoured this, which surprised me. I thought Kyle might not like it, but it tasted like a soft sausage and of course we like our food spicy! So yeah, not a real recipe by any means but just a little meal that can be made very quickly. I am hoping to share a homemade recipe for tomato sauce soon as our tomatoes are finally coming in yay! I seriously love our little garden, I have been excited to cook meals, even if it just quick little easy fixes like this.

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22 Musings

  1. Yikes about that hot pot! Looks yummy!

  2. I love your adventures in cooking!

  3. Om nom nom. This looks really good.

  4. This must have been scary about the noodles. Looks so good.

  5. I love how you made the sauce. So fresh!

  6. I'll have to try out the recipe next week.
    Backyard gardens are awesome. Right now we have bucketfuls of grapes. Might have to make something out of them.

  7. Oh goodness, that looks delicious! I'm always trying to find healthy but tasty dinners and this sounds perfect!
    Sorry about your fall though!

  8. makes me crave carrots! =]


  9. I've got to try this!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. Mmmmh! Looks so tasty :) good job!

  11. That looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I typically don't like anything spicy; but this looks SCRUMMY! :)

  13. Mmm... this is just the kind of food I eat all the time. Looks delicious!

  14. omg this looks SO yummy!! I definitely need to try it!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  15. wooow really yummy...followed you

  16. Ok, this looks amazingly scrumptious! Would you believe, for as Italian as I am and all the pasta I've consumed in my lifetime, I've actually never made (or had) a veggie pasta dish like this. This is I am definitely going to try. Haha, that same ordeal happened to me once when I made pad thai...I dropped the whole pan of noodles on the floor before my guests arrived for dinner...luckily I didn't slip though. I ended up ordering pad thai take out instead b/c I just couldn't salvage the dish. Glad you didn't actually get hurt though:) Have a good weekend!! xx Marisa

    oh and..I worked at McD's too...when I was 15 and I only lasted for 8 months! It's pretty brutal. I can't imagine how you lasted for so long.

  17. the veggie protein looks amazing and it's great that it tastes like sausage but is better for you. love this recipe!

  18. Heaven!!! :]
    OMG, girl! I'm proud of you for keeping it healthy haha.

    I shall add this page to my favorites since I'm a vegetarian and this looks so yummy!

    Have a rockin weekend!

    xoxo, Bree

  19. This looks delicious! I may very well have to try this out next time I cook! xx

  20. oh, this looks so amazing! you're lucky you didn't get seriously burned.

  21. Omg that is kinda funny that you slipped in the noodles. :) I cook "violently" so I'm surprised I haven't done this too myself.

    Looks so good Sarah. ohh can't wait to see your recipe for homemade tomato sauce!


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