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Okay this is the last post from our trip last weekend I promise! Point Pelee is the most southern part of Canada, and it is really swampy and yet still retains the northern atmosphere at the same time, especially along the shore of lake Erie. Kyle and I were exhausted after all that biking on the island the day before so we decided to walk around the park instead of bike, and we ended up walking about seven miles!  We started out with the boardwalk and it was so beautiful. We didn't see any frogs but there were a ton of pretty flowers and we did see a turtle. Kyle kept trying to take pictures of these little black birds and there was this huge Chinese family reunion at the board walk and these birds started swooping down at Kyle, we think it may have been the camera, and he took off running down the boardwalk away from me and all of the people from the reunion just started busting out laughing at Kyle. It was really funny and he didn't even get a picture of the bird! He did take some amazing pictures of the marsh though, I love board walks!
Point Pelee 086
Point Pelee 082
Point Pelee 078
Point Pelee 099
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After the boardwalk we headed out to walk some of the trails out to the tip of the park. We saw all these little snails along the trails, there were so many! I loved walking the trails because they branch out from a bike/hiking trail to tiny footpaths that are overgrown. We almost got lost at one point but it was a lot of fun wandering around in the woods. We ended up at the gift shop which has a mini-museum inside of it, so cool, and we bought some cheesy souvenirs.

Point Pelee 139
Point Pelee 104
Point Pelee 113
Point Pelee 112

We discovered that there was a little shuttle out to the tip so we hopped on and spent a good hour on the shore. The water is really rough at the tip so there is no swimming, but I did take my shoes off and walk in the sand along the edge of the water-it was so cold! But I loved it because it was so hot out. We skipped rocks took a million pictures of the lake because it is so beautiful. Lake Erie makes me miss Lake Superior and Lake Michigan so much, I already put in my vacation  request form for August so we can all go camping up north in the mitten!

Point Pelee 124
Point Pelee 125Point Pelee 122
Point Pelee 120
Point Pelee 134
Point Pelee 127

I don't think there is a normal picture of the two of us, at least on this blog haha. As you can see we had an amazing time and I cannot wait to go back soon. Kyle and I think we might try to sneak back in the fall when all the leaves change colors and camp again, it would be so pretty! I love living in the north, and I love exploring new places but this is a place that my family always went to in the summer when we were kids so it was amazing to go there with Kyle. That is the end of my mini-vacation recap and I am hoping to get into a regular posting schedule this week now that I have my summer class figured out a little better. Life is so crazy yet amazing right now. 

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  1. wow looks so pretty there! =]


  2. Oh, wow..love your dress. Fun..especially, skipping rocks! What a great time!

  3. Your trip looks like so much fun and I love the dress you're wearing in the shots!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I just love the photos of this. How fun. It must have been a sweet weekend.

  5. These pictures are so gorgeous!! I can't believe the lovely scenery you were surrounded by.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. You guys have so much fun. I love skimming stones on the water too.

  7. Sara, this looks like such a beautiful and amazing trip!! Your photos are gorgeous, makes me want to hop a plane and visit there. You look lovely. Gotta love cheesy souvenirs:)

  8. What a beautiful place! Oh, isn't nature wonderful? :)

    Also, I just released the summer 2011 edition of my new magazine Femme and I'd appreciate if you checked it out :) You can view it for free here: http://issuu.com/bisousmonamour/docs/femmesummer11

  9. i really your dress very nice and simple dress! but this park looks peaceful

  10. Beautiful pictures It looks like such a lovely place with pretty scenery. I hope you had a great time. I love your outfit so much. the dress is grogeous and I adore the tan accessories. I especially love your shoes.

  11. Your pics are so lovely...looks like ye had a great time :)


  12. I love all these photos! Such pretty scenery, and I love cheesy souvenirs! Your dress looks amazing on you!

  13. I LOVE that picture of the snail! When I was a child I actually collected snails - I was obsessed with them! :P

  14. What a truly beautiful place. I love lily pads so much (but then again frogs are my favorite animal and they get associated often with them). Your moccasins are so cute!

  15. Hi Sara:
    Awesome ! Thanks for both the Pelee Island and Point Pelee postings.
    The Mrs (she hates it when I call her that) and I are making this trip in August.
    I've been googling around, trying to find some info about biking on the Island. Yours was the best source I've come across.
    Can't wait to go. Thanks for your info.


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