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Elwood P. Dowd wants to introduce you to his friend, you can't see him? He's a 6ft 3.5" tall rabbit, and his name is Harvey. Elwood and Harvey are best friends, they do everything together, they run errands, they meet people, and they hangout at bars and drink. They really like to drink. Although Harvey and Elwood are close, Harvey has not always been in Elwood's life, and Elwood's family is unsure if Harvey is a result of excessive drinking (which Elwood admits to) or of mental illness.

Elwood's sister Veta acknowledges Harvey, yet tries to help Elwood rid of him by committing him to a sanitarium, but ends up getting herself committed instead.  When the doctor realizes his terrible mistake a wild goose-chase ensues to track down Elwood, return Veta home, and to get the bottom of Harvey's existence.  In the process of attempting closure on Harvey, Elwood's niece falls for an employee of the sanitarium, the doctor rekindles a fizzled romance with his nurse and Veta slowly becomes aware that she does believe in Harvey, who if it were not for, none of this would have come to be.

In a last effort to save Elwood's sanity, a serum is produced. With it's injection he will lose Harvey, and also his wondrous outlook on life and his natural ability to make people love and trust him. It then becomes a battle of which Elwood to keep, the one who functions in a normal society without the aide of  giant rabbit at his side or the Elwood with Harvey, who is essentially over 6ft of what Elwood is. 

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  1. Oh, oh, oh!! I love this movie! :D I've never heard of anyone outside my family who's seen it, so the fact that you posted about it made my day. :D

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  2. I love this movie! It's so lovely.

  3. You're picking great films, Sara, and describing them beautifully. And if Francy -- the film-maven -- likes your reviews, you're doing something right!

  4. Popped in from Cafe Fashionista to say hi! I LOVE Harvey! It's one of my favorite movies!

  5. I've never seen this one, but I've heard a lot about it.

  6. You always write the BEST movie reviews. I so need to check this film out ASAP! :)

  7. I've been totally out of it in blogging lately, for some reason I wasn't seeing when you were updating so I was suuuper behind on your posts. remedied by spending the last 45 ish minutes reading your past entries.
    Ill start where I ended: Best of luck to your brother, your mom looks terribly upset, but all moms are upset regardless of where their kids go when they leave home I think. Hope hes doing excellent!
    You look like you're having the most amazing summer, going to Detroit (which I had NO idea was based on the layout from Paris), baseball games, wild excursions to south Canada. So much adventure! How did you get that pic high up above Kyle?? Its so cool? Did I just miss the explanation? Also, that Russian monastary is so cool!
    Your mod blue dress with the bowler is KILLER. Amazing for an Elvis Costello show. I hope you get to stalk the tour bus next time!
    Last but not least, that giant gnome made me LOL so hard. I MUST have one like that for my collection (even if I have to make it myself)

  8. Great that posted about this. Hope you are having a great week!

  9. I am such a huge Jimmy Stewart fan...so bad, I wanted to marry him when I was little, hehe. However...I have never seen this movie. Sounds intriguing. I am definitely checking this out this weekend. I just know I will love it! Thanks for posting this darling! xx Marisa

  10. your description of this movie makes me want to watch it!!!!! also "talk Nerdy to me" Your comment box. loveeee


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