Liam's First Tiger's Game

1:22 PM

Liams first tigers game 041
Liams first tigers game 035

It was another hot & sweaty 90+ degree day in Detroit yesterday but we were on a mission. My little brother Liam had never been to a Tiger's game before and Kyle has been dying to take him for years, so Saturday we went. The game wasn't until 4pm, so Kyle, Mark, Mariah, Liam and I headed to Grand Trunk, our favorite bar in Detroit for some brunch. Usually our friend Pauly is the bartender but he has not been working Saturdays for awhile, but it is not uncommon to hear The Muppets playing on TV when you walk in the doors or some Saturday morning cartoons. We got some delicious breakfast, Kyle and Mark had Rubens, and Liam a hot dog and french fries and we just goofed around for a few hours.

Liams first tigers game 019
Liams first tigers game 016

I managed to get Kyle to sneak outside and take some outfit photos since I have been slacking on those lately. Later, I realized that this dress is very similar to the one that I wore in my last outfit post, haha. It is actually a little big on me but it is nice and comfy, and perfect for a day bumming around.

Liams first tigers game 011
Liams first tigers game 012
Liams first tigers game 100
Liams first tigers game 106

Once we got in the stadium, Liam had a ball. We took him on the Ferris wheel right away, got him a foam claw (ridiculously over-priced), we all loaded up on pop, beer and snow cones and headed to the upper deck for the game.

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Liams first tigers game 046
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I don't remember much of the game at all, haha. We spent a lot of time wandering around in the shade to keep cool. Kyle is super bummed that we only managed to go to two Tiger's game this year, but we have had such a crazy summer with the house and summer classes. Thankfully our vacation is in three weeks and we will be heading up north for a whole week so that should make up for some of it. I honestly cannot wait because school is draining me so much, it is not that the work is hard, I just want to be done. I am a little excited for fall classes because that is always the semester that I do my best and it will be my last semester at Oakland. But summer isn't over just yet, we have the entire month of August and we have stuff planned every single weekend. We are not even making it to the ren-fest until September! Actually, that month is looking to be packed too. Haha, life is blissfully crazy.  

Liams first tigers game 034

Liams first tigers game 065Liams first tigers game 089
Liams first tigers game 109

Liams first tigers game 026

Dress-H&M, from garage sale
Necklace-Frakenmuth street fair

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16 Musings

  1. these pictures came out really well. i'm not really into baseball, but i kinda want to go to a tiger's game too--looks like so much to do there!

    love your hair up!

  2. Cute look! Love your hair! Adorable pix. xx

  3. Your t-shirt dress is darling! You look lovely in pastels. Hanging out with kids is such a blast. I'm glad you had an awesome time.

  4. I so love the tiger mask! What a great time to catch photos of. Sweet!

    Stay cool. Its awful hot here too.

  5. What a great weekend! Love that you guys did this for your little brother.

  6. You have such an adorable brother. So love your outfit.

  7. Love love the dress, and your smile - it's just beautiful! Looks like a fantastic day :)

  8. The only thing better than going to a ballgame is bringing a kid to a ballgame. How exciting!

  9. cute dress, sara wow look like your brother had fun I have never went to a tigers game lol

  10. Such fun, fun pictures! Your little brother is going to be such a heartbreaker too, by the way.

  11. Seems like you spent a fun day! And Liam sure looks happy :)
    I also like your dress, is so perfect for everyday and seems also very comfy!

  12. cute kid! hehe the dress is pretty :)

  13. Awww...your family is so adorable, Sara! And...I LOVE your dress - you look fantastic! :)

  14. Your little brother is absolutely adorable and it looked like he had a lot of fun. That tiger mask is hilarious.

    I love your dress. Plaid + shirtdress, could there be a better summer sundress?

  15. I want to invade your closet. I love all your dresses!


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