Spring In Jackson Park

5:50 PM

outfitandkaraoke 001

Spring! You were here all week, spreading your beautiful sunshine and warm breeze and then you left this weekend. At least it still looks like Spring in Oak Park, there are a ton of these little trees all over the city and everything is blooming and lovely. Not going to lie, I am currently sitting in my holey yoga pants and cut-up Tori Amos concert T-shirt, getting ready to cook something hot and yummy and I don't feel so bad about it being cold out because I have lovely homework to do. I am mean! 

outfitandkaraoke 008

I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning my house and it looks so nice now. I hung up a few more things that I found and dug out some candles so now the place smells like pumpkin spice (hey, it's what I had). My attic-closet is coming along as well, I just got a bucket of paint from my co-worker that I am going to use on it and Kyle and I are on the hunt for some white dressers. I am going to practice with wallpaper in the closet as well, everyone thinks I am crazy! I don't know, I mentioned wallpaper to Kyle and he thought it was pretty cool as long as I don't cover all the walls with paper. I already have the paint I want picked out for the kitchen, and I am dying to paint but we need to work on the yard more. We finally got a mower and it needs to be cleaned out pretty bad, it is clogged up with dust but it is really cool, it's bright green! We got it from my best friend Jamie's mom and it is in good shape. I also have baby pine trees growing on the side of my yard that my co-worker gave me! I will make sure to take pics of all the plants once we get them in the ground. 

outfitandkaraoke 006
outfitandkaraoke 007

Say Hello to my new bag! I almost never buy new purses but I really wanted an across the body one and the thrift stores were just out of them. I got this one at Sears when I had my retainer fitting last week (love that my dentist is in the mall, hehe) and this one was on sale. The butterfly makes me think that this would be a purse that Lorelei Gilmore would have so that makes me love it even more. Oh and say goodbye to the red flats while you are at it, Kyle made me buy new flats at Payless about an hour after we took these photos because these are falling apart. He even threw them away after we got home later that night :P 

outfitandkaraoke 004
outfitandkaraoke 005

Dress-Mod Cloth
Bow clip-Ferndale DIY fest
Tights & shoes-Payless

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24 Musings

  1. Tooooriiiiii Aaaaammmmoooooooosssssss.

  2. It sounds like your house is really coming along! Reminds me that I really need to clean my room now that the semester's over!
    Anyway, that dress is adorable and I love your new purse :)

  3. Loralei Gilmore is awesome! And I agree, she would definitely own that purse.

    Also,how cool it is you have a bf who WANTS you to buy more shoes?

  4. Love the back of that dress. Super cute! Man, you guys are working up a storm on your house. I don't think you are crazy for wanting to put up wallpaper...it has come a lonnnng way from the shitty paper that takes hours to get off. Do it! :)

  5. I love the striped dress, it has a very 70's vibe to it.

  6. you look absolutely adorable! i love that dress and those flats!

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy<3

  7. Oh, sounds like you've been so busy...great outfit!

  8. Love the title to this. Sweet purse!

  9. Hope you like the new flats! Sweet outfit!

  10. Aw, so sweet stripes and all. Love that butterfly bag!

  11. Stripes and bag rule!! You're such a sweet, fresh girl!! More decorating?? That's a fun week! Good luck with the garden... I have some plants on the porch and they're slowly dying on me...! On to do my house cleaning today and then hair-dresser appointment! (new shiny hair...yay!!) Kisses :)

  12. That dress looks so pretty on you! I love the colors. I really need to clean my house, it's starting to get out of control!

  13. Cute dress and purse! I need to clean too ... there are just so many other things to do.

  14. Oh, I love the location for these photographs, Sara; they complement your dress so well. And that butterfly bag...j'adore! :)

  15. hmm I just tried to leave a comment and it wouldn't go through. Let's try this again....

    This reminds me, I need to do spring cleaning too. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up/coming home to a perfectly clean home.

    That dress is amazing! Modcloth always has the most adorable peices but dammit, they are expensive! Regardless, you look lovely. And the bag?! Oh yes.

  16. Crummy, cold weather almost always demands lounge wear- so nothin mean about yoga pants!

    That dress is mega cute on you, and I LOVE the scarf you used as a belt Just adds on more color- and who doesn't like color???

    Honest to goodness, I completely forgot that wallpaper existed until you just said something about it. Must be blocking out traumatic memories of when my sister and I had to take down our balloon wallpaper when we were younger. I bet your closet will look adorable, though, if you use a cute print!


  17. aww sara you look great i really love your outfit

    i have to agree with you it does feel like spring is here in oak park! wow we live in the same city i never seen you yet lol

  18. Really nice pics. and super cute dress !

  19. i love that dress! the back is so pretty! :)


  20. one of my fave looks from you :)

  21. You're right, that bag is VERY Lorelei Gilmore-y, and that is a very good thing! You look so cute!

  22. beautiful dress :D like the colors!



  23. i love the colors in that dress!! (and of course the back is totally awesome)


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