Springtime Blues

9:58 AM

April Snow 009
April Snow 003

I am sitting here eating a delicious *free* breakfast from Mc Donalds and I am happy because....I have no homework to do today! Woot woot! I have an entire month off and I am going to enjoy it. I have already been enjoying my weekend so far, Becky came over on Friday and we went over to Western Market in Ferndale and bought fresh food to make a yummy veggie pasta. Then we decided to work on our blogs and watch movies. Becky has not seen many movies and I have not seen much of anything on TV, so we take turns catching each other up. We watched Without a Paddle and Clueless, and squeezed in an episode or so of Tim and Eric awesome show great job.  We also succeeded in creating buttons for the top of my blog and I am still re-arranging somethings but the "Spring Cleaning" on the blog is almost done.

April Snow 002
April Snow 005

Say hello to more new stuff, rain boots! You would not believe how much crap I get from the people I work with for wearing these. Seriously, rain boots? Of all the things that I have worn to my work place and they target the rain boots.  

They also ask about my hair a lot and I have to say that I am really starting to like it. I stopped blow drying it all together about two months ago (except for those bangs) and use a leave-in conditioner spray and it has become so soft. There are still a lot of split ends that need to be clipped as well, but it is getting there! My bangs are almost all my natural hair color, which is...dark blonde? Light brown? My stylist (sounds so fancy) swears to me that my hair is growing in length, but I can barely see it. Then again, I do look at it everyday so maybe it is growing.

April Snow 007
April Snow 008

I can't wait to catch you guys up on the rest of this beautiful weekend we've been having, it's been perfect! For now, I have to go clean and then head over to the parents for Easter. Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Dress & scarf-Thrifted

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25 Musings

  1. Oh, I love this! The colors are so beautiful and the shapes suit you so well. And those rainboots! I'm swooning over them.

    It's great you have time off coming up. Savor it. You've been working very hard the past few months and deserve some fun. Best wishes for that!

  2. oh my i dont like the rain boots if anyone wore them in my country we will be labeled as (google him) Phua Chu Kang :x
    i knew i have this song in my play list. erik hassle sing it :) happy easter to u :)

  3. Amazing boots! All the best with the hair. Looks great! Happy Easter!

  4. So cool. Love the outfit. Cold here too. Great boots!

  5. Oh, I so want those RAINBOOTS. Love your Dots! Wishing you a great Easter.

  6. Thanks for the note. Personally, I'm not sure either are ready for the big jump..but who knows.

    I love your jump in the rain boots. So yellow!

  7. you look so cute, i love this outfit!

    the boots are awesome, the people you work with are obviously cretins ;) x

  8. How could anyone not love those boots???

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. Oh my goodness, I just love everything about your outfit!! The color palette is beautiful...and those rain boots!! I must get a pair:)

    Funny, I always get crap for my shoes at work too...which is always the least of things I would think people would target...but anyways those boots are pretty darn amazing.

  10. You did not pat yourself on the back enough for the awesome job you did on your blog links! I just set you up and showed you the ropes; you did most of it on your own!

    Call/text me about Hop, I don't know if I'll be able to go or not. And eat those plums before they get nasty haha

  11. Hope you and Kyle have a great Easter! Your co-workers must be crazy, because your yellow rain boots are adorable!

  12. Sara! I'm loving all the patterns in your outfit! So pretty! And those rain boots?! I think they're awesome! It's so cool that you have a whole month off! Exchange places with me?! Happy Easter weekend! :-) xoxoxoo

  13. hello, just dropping by from qinatthedisco.blogspot. :) love this look! The boots really complete it!

  14. Isn't it great to have a blogger friend that you can meet and do blog-stuff together?? And Becky is a cool person to do stuff with! Your hair IS getting longer, I can see it! I love the outfit and the rainboots! Enjoy your Easter time off - best of wishes dear!!

  15. At first I thought your scarf was a top. Very clever. The yellow rainboots are the tops.
    Yay for having a month off! :0

  16. happy happy w/e!!! i wish i could stop drying my hair, it's totally unmanageable though!

  17. Those yellow boots are amazing!

    Monique xx


  18. people really have an aversion to rain boots, its weird. glad you are trying to natural hair look i think it looks great and probably a lot less work.

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  20. I'm having rainboot envy. It's pouring right now and my only rain boots are near dying. Ah! I can't believe you get picked on for them. Different than here--everyone appreciates rainboots. It's the people in suede during the rain that get harassed.

    I'm slow making my rounds, but thank you for coming to my blog (and following!).

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  21. Ohmigosh Sara your boots are the most incredible thing ever - they are so bright and cheery! Love love these pictures! :)

  22. Such great boots! I need those today.

  23. I love the boots. I want a pair of rain boots for myself. :)

    & the navigation bar looks great! :)

  24. i think your hair looks gorgeous. kinda reminds me of kurt cobain and alexa chung. hurray for your one month vacay. :)

  25. super cute belted scarf look Sara!


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