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5:15 PM

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plain 008

This outfit is very casual, and pretty plain for me. I even tried throwing on a scarf or a necklace and nothing seemed right, but I actually just liked it like this though. It was just one of those days where simple is best, and that's never really too bad is it? These were taken a few days ago and it shows because it was so nice and warm, about 65 degrees out, and sunny, the best weather! This week it has been rain and snow. I don't want to whine about it too much because I am sure everyone feels the same, but still. Spring, either come or go already!

plain 005
plain 009

Tonight's agenda is....finishing up my final paper for my news writing class. Fun stuff. But as soon as it is done it is the end of the semester for me! I have sooo much to do, I really need to balance my checkbook asap, it's a mess but all I want to do is take a hot bath and go to bed early. Haha, I am such an old lady! But no worries, I have some more posts coming up for you guys! I am actually pretty surprised at all the posts I have been able to do this week, I have had so many of them sitting in draft either with pictures and nothing else, or just the title and no actual content, but now they are all prepped and ready! I really do love blogging so much. It is one of those things that just always makes me happy. I have met so many amazing people out there in the blogging world, so many like me or opposite of me but really cool, it's amazing. I have formed and reconnected friendships and I am looking forward to meeting more Mitten bloggers this summer. I also want to say thank you to the people who read this tiny blog as I have now passed the 300 followers mark, I never knew where this blog was going to lead to when I started it (who really does?) but I couldn't be more happier with where it is today...except for my poses. Seriously, I stand like I have to pee! Haha.

plain 014
plain 011
plain 003

Oh and I didn't mention them before but say hello to my new cute boots from Mod Cloth! I adore them, they are strictly Spring, Summer, Fall boots, no snow for these bad boys. I had to get a pair to replace my Bongo boots that finally died (the zipper busted while I was putting them on over a month ago) and these are not really replacement boots, but they will get me through for now. They actually look really cute rolled down like little ankle boots, and the top part squishes so I can wear them with jeans tucked over if I want. I am definitely a boots girl and I recommend these to anyone. *Rip Bongo Boots, you will be missed!*

plain 006

Cardi-American Eagle Outfitters
Boots-Mod Cloth
Bracelet-Cedar Point gift shop

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34 Musings

  1. I so love the boots! & the tights too..good luck on getting that HOT BATH..That's what I want to do..but like you..papers..keep calling me. Good luck on this on.

  2. Totally adoring this. Hope you get some rest and all the best on homework.

  3. I love the casual. Great about the boots. I want these.

  4. this is such a nice look!! love yoru boots :)

  5. Ah, I cannot wait to go to bed early after exams finish...5 weeks from now haha. I feel your pain!

    I like the denim jacket, always a good spring staple

  6. Sometimes the simplest looks just work really, really well - and this is one of them!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Its Autumn here but we haven't had to bring out the tights just yet. Love your boots and tights combo but you're probably over it already!

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  9. Hey, it's simple but you still rocked it! :D

  10. your welcome! i love your outfit cute and simple!

  11. I like both of the tops, but I’d have to say that I really love any kind of jean jacket right now. It’s just the cat’s meow! And those boots! THOSE BOOTS! I loooove those boots:)

  12. There's nothing wrong with simple. It has a place in our lives.

    I'm glad you like blogging. We like reading your blog so that creates symbiosis. I'm glad (and not surprised) you have so many followers.

  13. haha! i feel like i'm not the best poser either, but i promise i've never noticed your pee stance! hahah you really always look normal - you're just the cutest! and yayyy for blogging. i love it, too! p.s. NICE BOOTS

  14. I'm diggin' the stripey cardigan. And the rich color you have going on in the shirt and your boots. (:

    If you wanna hop on over here and finish up my paper, too, that'd be swell. It's mostly finished, so there isn't a lot of work left. Haha.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  15. I so love that leather bracelet!

  16. congrats with the 300th mark and i love the outfit. geek is the new chic. :)

  17. Love the new boots, they are a great color! I enjoyed a hot bath and an "early" night myself last night so I wish you luck with that. Also good luck on finishing up your paper!

  18. Simplicity at its finest! That is a phrase already isn't it? Dig the boots. You're too cute.
    How exciting that you're almost done! That means more time for a trip to California!
    I think I'm guilty of the pee pose as well. haha

  19. I like the new boots and the simplicity of the outfit! Sometimes less is more! I'm glad you're blogging and I've met you! You're a cool girl! Kisses :)
    p.s. - I'm fed up with spring playing games!!

  20. Love those grey tights!

    Monique xx

  21. First, you are so not a Plain Jayne - this outfit rocks.

    Second, I LOVE your denim jacket.

    Third...The Breakfast Club, Starbucks, and Forever 21...hello, you have just described my perfect day. Let's throw cupcakes into the mix, as well, shall we?! :P

  22. i know i alwys tell you thatyou have a lovely smile. but you REALLY do!

  23. So love the details to this!

  24. I have a ton of those Target v necks. They are great, especially since they're so cheap.

  25. Sara! Less is always more and you look lovely! Those boots are delicious by the way! (Can I use the word "delicious" to describe non-food items?). Blogging is the best, isn't it? It kind of acts like a therapy for me when I'm feeling like I need to escape from reality! xoxoxoo

  26. maybe you can wear those boots in the winter, but only inside! they are too cute to put away for a season!

  27. I'm a big fan of the un-accessorised casual look; you pull it off wonderfully. I'm also loving that your stuck it out with your hair and now you have this sort of ombre look cranking - you look so hip :)

    Love the boots! They suit you to a tee. Did you get scared buying online? I've always wanted to purchase from modcloth but am terrified it won't fit and I'll have to send it back all that way...

    love you xox

  28. you are the cutest! sometimes plain is a good way to dress, i do it most of the time, haha! but for me a scarf does solve every problem i think. loving the mod cloth boots, very cute :)

  29. I've spammed everyone's blog saying this, but honestly, for Spring, simple is best. : )
    Ugh, I should also be writing a paper right now... mega fun...

  30. I love your boots!
    Sometimes you just want to be comfortable, right? Plus less is more!
    Today I just put on a shirt and jeans and I was ready to go :)

  31. I love this outfit. I definitely agree, sometimes simple is the best way to go! I love me some accessories, but sometimes an outfit doesn't need any help. You look amazing Sara :)

  32. When I see Jayne, I think Firefly. Yes? Maybe? Also, I think of my old supervisor's baby. Who is now a little girl and HILARIOUS.

    Anywho, I'm with you on Spring. I feel like a broken record. I can't stop talking about the weather. It's like an obsession. But, I tell you what, when you live in Michigan you know how to appreciate the good stuff. That is for sure. Here's hoping that some of it is on it's way!


  33. You are definitely not a plain jane.

    Love your hair and your smile, your outfits are fabulous. :)

    The Cat Hag


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