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I was not really sure on how to go about this, I was going to break up all the pics but instead I decided to just post them all at once! So photo overload but hooray for house pics! The place is a mess for the most part, but it's coming along. I am excited to see the outcome, I want to paint sooooo bad. The paint on the walls in these pics makes the place look okay, but I swear it's actually a depressing color. It's like mud brown with some green mixed in. I don't have much on the walls because I am waiting to paint, and after I hang stuff it will make the after pics look a lot better, hehe :)

bar, outfit, house 035
bar, outfit, house 034
bar, outfit, house 033

Bathroom! We have a tiny bathroom, but I actually really love it. We are not doing much to this room, maybe hang up another picture or two and install another storage unit. I love the curtains and rug that Kyle picked out, he loves orange and when he showed me the rug I told him we could get it but how would it match and he found the curtain. I had to get the little owl toothbrush holder from Urban Outfitters because it was too cute.

bar, outfit, house 037

This is the side-entry to the house and the entrance we use the most. Lauren bought us the cute doggie-rack as a housewarming gift for us, it's so cute and sturdy and holds Louie's things, I love it.

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bar, outfit, house 038
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bar, outfit, house 044

My Kitchen! I love my kitchen so much! I spend a lot of time in here, not cooking because I have no life, but I sometimes study in here and I definitely eat in here. There is a lot that Kyle have in store for this room, mostly painting and hanging up some pretty pictures. I bought a really cool squirrel wall hook from Mod Cloth that I have yet to hang. As you can see my curtains don't match, but I am okay with it. I bought the floral ones from Etsy and I am in love with them, but I can't find any that look similar anywhere,  so for now I bought some cheapo ones from Kmart. Our theme is also staring to show in this room, nature-up north retro things. Mr. Bear joined us for the photo-shoot. 

bar, outfit, house 045
bar, outfit, house 046
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Here is where you can really see the retro aspect to our theme, all of our hand-me down couches and blankets. My Great-Grandma made the striped blanket and the couches belonged to my Gramps, and the chair to my parents. As you can see we wasted no time incorporating some plaid into the house, and I am glad that we did because it makes the place seem a little more up north Michigan. We just bought the dresser from the Salvation Army a month or so ago, and its so great for all of our movies! This room needs to be painted as well, I have a ton of cool things to hang in this room, and we are going to replace the front door eventually. The only bummer is that one of the huge windows in the front does not open, but we may change that as well sometime in the future. 

bar, outfit, house 049

I love this little shelf in my hallway. Kyle wanted to store towels in it, but since we are getting a shelf for the bathroom I convinced him to let me put random things on it. I started putting up some pics of us and the family this week, and I have to clear off that bottom one yet. I also have this really cool phone-shelf thing that I want to get a phone for, hehe. We do have a phone line now, but no phone. I am trying to get Kyle to let me buy a hamburger phone.

bar, outfit, house 050
bar, outfit, house 051

This is going to be our future library, I am sooooo excited about this room! I have these really cool maps that I want to frame up, and we need a ton of book shelves, but I still have no clue on what color to paint this room, I might even get wall paper or something, just not sure yet. But we are going to get snazzy wooden-blinds for this room and the study.

bar, outfit, house 052
bar, outfit, house 054
bar, outfit, house 055
bar, outfit, house 056
bar, outfit, house 057

I keep referring to the study and the library as the "back rooms" when they are really just to the left of the house. I am not sure on paint for this one either, this room needs a lot of love. Mostly organization issues, as you can see we have a bunch of CD's and random piles of paperwork everywhere. I am going to re-arrange this room I think and then try to figure it out from there. I think Kyle wants to get new desks for this room too, the giant one I can use as a laundry table in the basement, but the one the computer is on is too small. Kyle has been browsing around and has some ideas in his head.

bar, outfit, house 058
bar, outfit, house 059
bar, outfit, house 060
bar, outfit, house 061
bar, outfit, house 062
bar, outfit, house 063
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bar, outfit, house 065
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The upstairs is the master bedroom, and I am in love with how much room we have! There are two closets that we have to get racks for, and we still need maybe two more dressers. I might even have room for my sewing machine that is at my parents house, just have to learn how to use it, and get it fixed. Going up the staircase I want to hang a few really cool clocks, and the little cabinets next to the bed are going to have cedar wood put in them so we can use them for storage. I want the bedroom to still have the theme as the rest of the house only pretty, and relaxing.

bar, outfit, house 068
bar, outfit, house 069
bar, outfit, house 070
bar, outfit, house 071
bar, outfit, house 072

Our basement is such a mess, but it will be an amazing room one day. I have big plans for this room! We have a little storage area for food and extra household items, and we still need a washer and dryer yet. I am going to section off one area of the basement for a laundry room, but the rest is going to be a hangout room! We are going to put all the decorations and storage items in the attic, and keep the basement for recreation. Kyle is dying for a pool table, he already has a nice dartboard, and we are going to hang up all Kyle's base ball stuff and my Star Wars stuff  down here. We are also eventually going to get carpet put in and maybe even get a little mini-fridge and some more couches and chairs, but the first thing we have to do is repair the staircase.

All in all, we have lots of projects. Sorry this post was so huge but I am glad I finally got around to it. Hopefully I can update you guys with more pics in another month or so for one of the rooms.

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31 Musings

  1. Wow, your house is so pretty! I love all the neat little architectural details inside...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Oh..I love it. Its a real home. Wow, great kitchen! Adorable bedroom, too. Such a cool space. Love'n what you are doing to the place.

  3. That's so cool about having a space to study in the kitchen. Always where I do my best studying too. Hope you get a chance to enjoy that stove and oven of yours..some day.

  4. Such an awesome tour. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. At the moment, I'm having to listen to my neighbors country least its leighton meester singing songs from Country Strong.

  5. This is so exciting! I had no idea about the space for your bedroom. That's so charming. Lov'n the house.

  6. Congrats, Sara! Your new house looks great, you'll definitely have to keep us updated on the decoration/settling process!

  7. oh my gosh, that really is a beautiful house! congratulations! :)


  8. oooh, I love what you've done with it so far! It seems like such a lovely place! Your kitchen looks adorable, and I love the little deer figurines!

  9. Very nice! It has great possibilities. New paint will make a big difference. I love your kitchen countertop: very nice.

    Good luck, Sara!

  10. I really like your house but I'm in love with your SUPERcute dog... Oh my god <3333

  11. wow lots of space. adorable:) love your bathroom.

  12. Your house has such character and your theme is making me a little jealous! :) it's exactly the type of house I'd love to buy - anything for sale in the neighborhood? Haha. Love all the little personal touches and I can wait to see the basement come together! Basement? Too cool. Especially love the dresser in the lounge. Ah, I'm in love :)

  13. So awesome. Your house looks so comfy and adorable! I really dig the mismatch curtains, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out, but it works! & Louie is so cute.

  14. Takes me back to our first house. Yours is an awesome house and you guys have done so much already to make it a home!

  15. so glad you posted these pics! I love little "house tours" like cute and I love your retro pieces. Must be fun seeing how you can transform your own space. :)

  16. Hi Sara! Wow, your home looks so beautiful and comfortable! I especially love your bathroom and living room! It must be nice to come up with decorating ideas!

    And you're so lucky to be with someone you love for almost 10 years! I really admire couples who are committed to each other! I understand that not everyone out there cheats but I really hate it when I watch a romantic comedy and they just make me cringe because of the insincere storyline. Maybe I'm taking things too personally or being serious but I just wish there are more movies that celebrate real love! xoxoxxoo

  17. i saw the pictures on your facebook and i LOVE it soo much hahah i need visit you one day lol

  18. the bathroom curtains are SO cute.

  19. Ohmigosh Sara your house is so cute! I am incredibly happy for you and Kyle - this is such a wonderful time for you!! :)

  20. omg! your house is awesome. i agree in these pics the brown looks good but i could see you guys going a little bolder maybe graphic wall paper. such a great house!

  21. i am SO JEALOUS of all your space! and the vintage knick knacks you have around the house are adorable! congrats on your first house!

  22. what a lovely home! I love your bathroom so much especially. I wish I had a tub again. I miss having one.

  23. The pictures are great but they don't do the house justice. I CAN'T WAIT FOR A BARBECUE.

  24. i'm jealous with the house and the future library!

    i love the kitchen the most but i don't really cook, i just love reading books knowing you don't have to go up and down the stairs if you want anything to eat. :)

  25. You have your own house?! That's amazing haha, I can't WAIT for the day I have my own place to decorate! My favourites out of these are your shower curtains, kitchen curtains, and the beautiful stripy blanket your grandma made! Good luck with the rest of the decorating, looks like a beautiful space you have there! :)
    - C x

  26. love the hardwood floors, the built-in shelf and that great kitchen. your green walls in your bathroom is nice too. and i do love that creative idea with the boxes! :)

  27. your house is very lovely :)

  28. I saw these on facebook. I am so jealous! It looks like you've got a lot of fun ahead of you. Looking forward to seeing the updates :)

    By the way, you've got plenty of time with the beer photos. I'm collecting them up to June. But anything you can help me with would be great! x

  29. gee such a cute house! i was going to get that little owl toothbrush holder at uo how are you liking it?

  30. Your house is so so adorable! I love the white panelling in the upstairs room, it looks so airy!


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