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Do you ever have someone come up to you and ask if you are a certain nationality? When I was in middle school-when my hair was at it's most red-I got asked if I was Irish a lot. I don't get that much anymore, but some people tell me that I look like I am Asian. I am not offended by either, but I am also not Irish or Asian. I am 50% British, 25% Polish, and 25% mutt. The mutt includes some German, Canadian,  and Native American. Although I think the ongoing joke is that everyone had a  great grandmother who is part Native American.

My family takes pride in our nationalities. In the sense that my Mother cooks for it. Every Easter we have traditional Polish foods, and on Christmas we have a traditional English dinner. I think it is funny how people come up and ask about nationalities at times. Especially since America is a giant melting pot. It's funny when you have that moment of having something in common with someone else. "Your Polish? Me too! I looooove Pierogi!" I also think it's funny how my family, and a lot of others that I come across, celebrate their nationality with food.


So my loves, what is your back round?

Jacket, scarf & skirt-Thrifted
Boots & belt-F21
Watch-Burger king

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  1. oh yea that happens a lot since I have olive skin. I've been asked if I'm Spanish, Italian, or Indian before lol. However I take pride in my heritage as well. And I think the fact that I'm Irish will mean something more here in Scotland, I already got asked if I was Irish by some student rep at a sign up table. I had to admit I was Irish once like 300 years ago, but it was an interesting exchange

  2. btw love your modcloth dress in the previous post! Great colors! And the art night looks like a lot of fun. You and Kyle have some great date nights

  3. Lovee this outfit. If want to permanently borrow that scarf from you now. :) and that skirt! And plus, I'm super jealous of your Burger King watch! haha
    I have gotten all sorts of oddities before on my nationality. For some reason people completely dismiss that I'm mainly Mexican- maybe because I'm so horribly white-washed? haha One I've gotten a couple times is Italian, then the more frequent one was french. I really never saw myself looking too much like either, but I definitely take both as a compliment. On the occasion, I'll just run with it. haha Aside from Mexican though, I apparently have a bit of Swedish in me.

  4. Is really interesting and really funny how 'nationalities' are so important to Americans. I wouldn't call what you describe nationality really. You are a nationality when you speak the language, you live the culture, not in a 'lets celebrate our heritage' way, but in an everyday sort of way.

    I'm even reluctant to describe even myself as German, because although both my parents are German and that is my mother tongue, I grew up in Luxembourg, and I definitely don't think my kids will be German. I'm gonna try my hardest to teach them the language, and maybe I can even wangle dual citizenship for them, but I'm under no illusion that they'll think of their nationality as German. They'll be Britons with German heritage.

    P.s. I don't think you look either Irish or Asian!

  5. I'm half-German and half-Mutt. Because my father was an immigrant struggling for acceptance, he worked hard to assimilate and brought us up as Americans. I ate Cheez Whiz, not German food, and have no connection to that ancestry.

    I think it's borderline rude to ask people about their heritage. It's fine if they want to volunteer it, but I'd never probe unsolicited. I have a friend who looks Korean but she was adopted as a baby by white parents. She knows nothing about Korean culture and gets very offended when people assume otherwise.

  6. Oh you cute cute girl!!

    Well you know what I am!
    I am German, although the family has been here for centuries we still have a ton of stuff from our homebase in Bavaria. And Irish! I guess some french canadian too. But I am asked if I'm Swedish all the time, I think it's my sharp features and big nose. When I lived in Brasil people just assumed I was from Germany because I lived were a lot of Germans immigrated to.

    I guess maybe someone would think you were asian from a distance? I don't know, I kinda could see some asian ancestry in you.

    I'm excited for our sunday dog walk.

    Sparrow & Urchin

  7. Its great when peeps ask me if I'm

    Um, French, German, Native American.

  8. I'm fillipino with possibly some Spanish in me. My aunt is currently looking into our family lineage. Which is probably why I'll have some customers start conversing in Spanish with me.
    However the same goes for my fellow fillipino customers. When I tell them my nationality after they ask, they start talking to me in Tagalog, Philippines common language. I guess it's the notion that if a person is of a certain national decent, they should know their language.

  9. all welsh! Don't think there's any mongrel in me!x

  10. I've gotten that before..but usually, they say I look French..if only. But I think it had to do that my hair was black at the time. Someone told me I looked Austrian. All I know is that my great-grandmother is from Europe and had to escape the Nazis. I'm pretty sure she is Jewish, but raised Catholic.

  11. I so love your scarf. That is interesting what people will think and ask.

  12. I like your outfit!

    I've gotten the "Are you half-Asian" thing before when I was younger. Not so much anymore.

    I haven't really asked about my nationality. I do know, however, that my mother's mother is half Native American.

  13. I love your first outfit you look so pretty!!!! :)

  14. Funny. I am Polish, Swedish, and Austro-Hungarian - but look something like a blonde Asian. Go figure eh?

  15. I love when people ask that because they never can get it right. Not that it is a contest but I just think it is funny when people jsut assume. My family celebrates our hertage as well. We are part Jewish, Hungarian, Dutch, English, and Scotish. On my dad's side of the family, I am a first generation American! My dad was born in England.

    I really like your outfit here! It is very cute and looks nicely put together.

  16. My last name "sounds French" so when people I meet hear it, they always ask me if I'm French, which I do have a bit in me. Otherwise, I don't get asked much!

  17. i get ask if i'm half mexican which i'm not haha

    great outfit loce the skirt the print is soo nice

  18. Damnit, stop being so adorable.

    (Actually, don't. I love it.)

  19. Everybody asks me if I'm Asian and 99.99% of the time, they get it right.

    You do look Irish!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  20. I never get the whole percentages but my dad was born in England and my mum is Australian, although her family goes back to england at some point too. That is why I am so white! haha.

    The scarf completes this look.

  21. I love this post. so interesting!:) I have that Irish look about me, prbably because I am. haha. Great outfit, love the skirt. :)SarahD

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  23. OMG traditional English Christmas dinner. Do you do goose? We do goose haha. I'm loving your outfit in these pics.


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