DIY Fest

8:52 PM

"Do it yourself fest" in Ferndale is one of my favorite fall festivals. It is right in my hometown of Ferndale! (about a mile away from where I am now, I have gone places). Saturday Kyle, my brother Mark and Mariah and I all headed out for yummy Thai food and then ventured into the festival. One of the first things that we came across were these super-cool masks.

Can you tell which one is me? lol I actually wanted to try on all of them, and the lady that was selling them was really nice and just laughed at us. We then ventured to the other side of Woodward ave to check out the music and the crafty stuff.

 You have seen them everywhere, but they never stop being cool. Random things made out of old vinyl. We did buy one of the bowls, it was made out of an old Rush album (didn't get a pic, sorry). 

Kyle really liked all the purses. :P From one of the stands, I bought some kick-ass penguin bow clips, because, you never know when you are going to need that special something to complete an outfit. 

Then we hit the mother-load of random buttons. Seriously, how are you supposed to buy just a few? Or make up your mind at all? 

 After being overwhelmed by buttons, we headed into the Loving Touch for a few pints while we waited for Electric Six. I didn't get to catch the bands name, but these guys were warming up for the after party that was going to happen after the festival.

We did take a ridiculous amount of pics inside the pool hall that just came out creepy, those I will have to edit and post at a later date once I get them all organized. Kyle tried to take some pics of Electric Six when they finally took the stage outside, but it was insanely packed. I mean, we couldn't move. I think he managed a few good ones though.

The only bummer about them was the lead singer had laryngitis. but he still sang, the band still played, and people still drank and screamed,shouted and wooted all night.Then there was the group of weirdo's who stood by the wall and took pictures of themselves. 

Needless to say, we had a blast. Oh and just in-case you wanted to know who exactly Electric six is, here are there two videos. They are very strange and unusual and comical and ridiculous. But I still really like them. :P


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7 Musings

  1. Glad you had a good time. I reallllly adore all the masks! You guys look awesome =)

  2. I LOVE GAY BAR! That is an awesome song.

  3. Oh what fun. Loved your mask the most!

  4. I LOVE Electric Six! Danger! High Voltage! is one of my favorite videos of all time!

  5. love the masks so awesome. it look fun i wish i would had came!

    ps love your new hair soo cute sorry i miss your post =]

  6. What cool crafts! I love the Yoda mask. I think I heard of Electric Six before, but they are strangely awesome. :P

  7. What fun! Love the masks. Yeap, that time of year for some great art! & much more.


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