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Too hot for tights, too hot for makeup. The only thing on this skin is Coopertone baby! However, in Michigan, it is not too hot for mosquitoes. Ugh. So here is another Target find, btw I went to Target Friday and got some cool stuff for pretty cheap! I friggin' love that store! I love my fedora so much that I decided to get a summer one, which is great because I always burn the top of my head in the summer. So you guys will probably see this hat a lot. 

It also my not look like it from this picture, but I lost another two pounds the other week, and I stayed the same last week. I will probably gain some in muscle though, my stomach has been sore for the past few days because I have been working it like crazy. I keep trying to do different DVD's to change it up, my mom just gave me some to do as well, so I hope to get to those this week :)

These were all taken in the park next to the apartment. This park is the reason why we have been here so long, I look outside and there is not another house, there is this wonderful park! I am going to try to take more in the park before we move. Here is who I have been hanging out with all weekend, I think that I have kissed my dog more than Kyle. Louie really is such a great dog, he is sleeping at my feet as I type, and I know that he will jump the moment I say "walk" <3

Romper & Earrings-F21
Star Wars Watch-BK

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16 Musings

  1. Such an adorable romper!
    I was just at Target this weekend and I agree with you: they have THE BEST selection of rompers that are pretty cheap!

    You look absolutely wonderful in this romper! The fedora is totally the icing on the cake ;)

  2. oo your romper is so cute!

    Target is the wonder store. I missed it when I was in Dc. There is only 1 Target in the District and it was about 40 minutes away from me and totally understocked. Now that I'm home and there are about 3 Targets in a 10 minute drive it is awesome!

  3. You look so cute Sara, sans tights, sans makeup, and all! I love that romper on you, especially with that fedora. You're making me want to make a trip to Target right now!

    That's awesome that you're keeping up with working out! Definitely a bit of something I hope to get back into once this sickness completely subsides. :)

  4. That romper suit is aceness!

  5. You're gorgeous! I love the detail on the romper and your hat is adorable. And keep up the good work, buildin up that muscle :]

  6. I lovelove your romper! So cute on you.

    I know what you mean about make-up and hot weather. I don't know how anyone would be able to do it once it gets to the 90s and 100s! I usually just avoid it for a few months.

  7. Perfect romper for hot weather! I wish we had Target here in England I always hear about amazing finds there that I always miss out on. I can't get for it to get so hot here that no more tights are needed again!

  8. That has to be one of my favorite shots of Louie!

    Love the hat! congrads on those 2 pounds too.

  9. i am yet to find a great deal at target!and love the hat :)

    ps:you can visit Australia if it gets too hot over there lol

  10. cute outfit! like the doggy too!

    is my blog

  11. what a cute romper! love it!

  12. I love your romper, you are soooo cute!

  13. Lovely romper! The perfect thing to wear for summer. And the fedora is a great accent.

  14. Love love love the hat! :)
    Fedoras are the best. I had one from The Falls Fest at new years a few years back but it got wrecked in my suitcase. I really need to go again so I can get a hat, if nothing else :D

    You look gorgeous Sara. I wish we had a funky park across from us. We have houses. Ew. Haha.

    Love you!


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