Messin' with Sasquatch

10:51 AM

 It was deceivingly colder outside than it appeared in these pics. I really liked this outfit even though it was a little more autumn than spring, but autumn is my favorite time of year and I am not surprised that my wardrobe reflects that. 

I just got these boots off the clearance rack at Forever 21 for $11.00 and I love them! I also got the shades pictured above because I lost my other pair (story of my life). I also got a few other things that I hope to get onto this blog soon enough. I just need quarters for the laundry, we always seem to be short one damn quarter.

Yesterday was also my dad's 48th birthday! I did not get any pictures because both him and my mother refuse to let me take pictures of them. I have no idea why. The guys at my work think my mom is hot, they saw her on my facebook and all I heard was"THAT's your mom?!!" yep, my mom is hot, and I am still a giant dork. I hope when I get to be her age I will look that good. My dad.....we call him Sasquatch. I know, it's mean but he is huge! He isn't really hairy though, but every time a jack-links commercial comes on, my 6 year-old brother goes "messn' with Sasquatch" to my dad. We call him baby sas.

Skirt-Salvation army
boots, belt & earrings-F21

 *PS-This woman is making me want to cut all my hair off again.

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16 Musings

  1. You look so great in reds and pinks missy!
    I am always to embarrassed to ask my family for photos with me. I only have one photo of my me and my dad because of it and I was 4, so I really must get over it and insist on my family being in photos :)

    I think you'd look great with short hair, but I loooove your long hair. Either way you'd rock it :D Love you Sara!

  2. Why must Forever 21 continually create such adorable shoes? I'm not allowed to buy anymore given the fact that I probably have enough to last a lifetime (thank you Cynthia Vincent for Target!), but I can look...and I am loving your little booties. The wraps around the ankles are ADORABLE.

    Haha! You know what I thought of when I saw that picture of Sasquatch? "Harry and the Hendersons." Have you ever seen that movie? Ohmigosh I was addicted to it as a child!! :)

  3. haha omg your coworkers are ridiculous

    love the plaid

    you'd look cute with short hair too

  4. I love your new boots! What a steal! Love it when that happens. :)

  5. OMG beef jerky is my FAV! Also, I think its hilarious that your brother calls your dad Sasquatch lol. You would look absolutely adorable if that was your haircut, but I think your look now really suits you.

  6. It's really cold here too today, but at least you have some sunshine! Love the plaid and boots on you!

  7. hahahha..about your dad.

    I so love your shirt. So cool. Great buy on the boots.

  8. Happy Birthday to your dad!!! And it's so much colder here too! (Love the boots. Deals are the best!)

  9. So cool the plaid. Love the skirt too..and of course, those shoes.

    Fun, about your family too.

  10. You look absolutely adorable in these photos! I love your hair all pulled up and a bit messy! So cute!

  11. Love those shoes! Aren't clearance finds the best? :)

  12. Yay for new shoes! I have a love hate relationship with Forever 21 for that reason, they always have new cute shoes when I can't buy them.
    That's hilarious, I get the EXACT same thing with my mom. It's funny, but gets annoying after a while, especially when I get constantly reminded by my guy friends. haha
    & I loveee Norah Jones <3

  13. Your family sounds like so much fun. My dad just has a very round tummy; he eats a lot. xD and lovely outfit! especially those shoes. :)

  14. Haha that Sasquatch picture is hilarious! I love your boots and sunnies, what a deal!

  15. Ha this was such a good post. It was nice reading about your dad and his nickname. Who is that girl with the short hair?


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