St. Practice Day?

12:36 PM

I was going to wait to post these ones until Wednesday, but I felt like posting them today because I am not sure if I will have time come Wednesday. :P

 Even though it was raining in these pictures, can you see it?

"Mom, I can explain..."

The river is green!!

And the skyline is foggy.

And I am a drowned rat. 

 It's like the Morton salt girl's cracked-out broken umbrella 

Then we headed to Wrigglyville for some beer and dryness.

 Here is Kyle enjoying his beverage at Goose Island, 
And here is what I am doing for the rest of this week:

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16 Musings

  1. That's really neat. I heard Tampa is doing the same thing to our river since Chicago's looks so cool.

  2. Fantastic photos! The city looks amazing!

  3. The river looks awesome, but... isn't St. Patty's Day tomorrow? You look great though, drowned rat or no.

  4. I'm always out of the country on st. patrick's day...ooops. so I always forget about it ugg

    the fog photos are spellbinding, love them

  5. Haha you look chic in the rain! I adore your dress with that sweater and jacket! Ahhh I almost forgot tomorrow is St. Patrick's!

  6. first of all I love your post title, i was lol'ing. you do NOT look like a drowned rat, you look adorable as usual. and also, "the skyline is foggy" could be some kind of random metaphor for everyone being drunk.

  7. wow, the river is green lol! how did that happen?? i agree with kallie above, u do not resemble a drowned rat at all! u're too funny! u look so cute in ur outfit and pink umbrella:)

  8. Did they make the river green for St Pats Day?
    You Americans sure love your holidays :D
    Q. Do you guys get the day off on St Pats Day? We don't.. but I don't know if it's different over there.
    I love the backdrop to these photos.. it must be nice to be able to shoot somewhere different.. I can't wait to move to the city..
    You look awesome Sara, Lol at your umbrella. I love your umbrella!

  9. isnt that crazy how they do that to the river!!! I love Chicago! Looks like you had a good time! xoxo

  10. Green river? Nuts!

    I love your pink umbrella!

  11. the green river is amazing! definitly getting into the spirit of the occasion!

  12. I LOVE the green river; and even as a drowned rat you look adorable!

    Happy, Happy St. Patrick's Day, my love!! :)

  13. I love the fog, and your outfit.

  14. happy st. patrick's day! don't drink too much of that green beer!

  15. Cute outfit and that river is sooo green. They really packed some punch there!
    P.S. I love the idea of doing a video tutorial on shooting pics. But I only have one tripod, so it would be hard to demonstrate. I'll do it when I can find someone to video tape me photographing myself! ;)


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