Me, And My Mind In A Minute

5:07 PM

Today's poem is very random, but that is what I like about it. I don't feel the need to explain all the poems that I write, however this one I feel i should give a little backround on how this poem came to be. It is a very simple poem, it is about me, basically. If you have ever been in the situation, where somone askes you to tell them about yourselves, and especially in this day and age where we have Facebook and Blogs and whatever else that let's us tell the entire world wide web about ourselves, what exactly do you say? I mean, where do you start and stop? what is enough information, what is too much? I can agree most people have enough common sense to know this already, however, do you ever find yourself rambling on about insignificant details? Maybe when meeting someone new, or at a job interview? Or perhaps when you are filling out information on said facebook or myspace? Is is just me? lol.  I also tend to jump around a lot, from subject to subject, as if my mouth and my mind don't match up. Anywho, that is how this poem was created. I think that was the biggest explanation for the most obvious poem I have ever written. :P

Me, and my mind in a minute.

Me, and my mind in a minute
Old clothes, but clean clothes
And cheap new ones
And shower caps-twice a week
Or it will die, but it is dye
(my artificial intelligence)
But real eyes like my fathers
And a real voice like my mothers
Not my mothers
My brothers
Gramps calls “Hullo Mark!”
“It’s Sara…the oldest….and the girl.”
Oh and no heels, just flats
Or else I’ll go down on my ass
And peanut butter or cheese dip
(I’m hypoglycemic)
And too much pizza, size 4 is a phantom
And horrible with a glue gun
So my purse is nailed shut
…trail off a lot…space cadet…
No smoking please, I’m not done yet
My favorite is purple
But I’ll wear mostly blue (real eyes, my fathers)
And no nails, I eat them for breakfast
Not really, but
And pop tarts (strawberry)
And I’ll marry Jimmy Stewart, in 1939
In the fall, because that’s best
Or is it autumn?
No more tears
Because they got rusty-except when my car dies
Like my hair
And a kidney stone
Damn coffee.

To-do list:
Keep the apartment clean
Read short-stories from Alex
finish new poem
Pick out poem for close reading
Deposit check
Finish this week's homework
Trim bangs
Write Jessica
Buy food


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3 Musings

  1. Oh! I love this poem - so clever! A perfect "about me."

  2. haha I love this! my fav of yours so far, very funny and well writen.

  3. I absolutely love love love that poem! It is so cool, I can't even express my feelings for it! I like Jimmy Stewart too he's an awesome actor. You should watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington w/ him , it's really good.


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