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Despite the smile in the photograph, I am in a sour mood today. I am not exactly sure why, probably not getting enough sleep, class was a little boring last night. Meh. Anyways, I actually wore this yesterday. I just got these socks from Target last month, very useful for this weather. I am also hoping to have something awesome to post this weekend (yay!) actually, a few awesome things now that I am thinking about it....anywho. Ready for today's music themed post? I am :)

Today I would like to discuss one of my new favorite bands, She&Him. This amazing indie duo is made up of the lovely Zooey Deschanel, and the amazing M. (Matt) Ward. There is currently a lot of buzz going around on the 'net about this band right now, but there are a few people that I know who do not know who She&Him are so I will keep this brief.

She&Him released their debut album "Vol.1" in March of 2008, with Deschanel featured on vocals, Ward mostly on guitar production. (Although, he is vocally heard in a few songs). Vol.1's track list consists of a variety of several wonderful songs, ranging from folk to 60's girl-group.

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What I am excited about is on March 23rd Vol.2 will be released!!! I am so excited!!! I think Kyle will be glad to hear something new from them at least, he is not their biggest fan, he however loves their cover of "I'll put a spell on you", which was featured on Starbucks "Sweetheart 2009" compilation last year.  I love Zooey but I am hoping to hear a little more from "Him" this album as well. :)

To hear She&Him's new single "In the Sun" from vol.2 click here.

For more information on this band, please visit their website: She&Him

Dress: F21
Tights: Target
Socks: Target
Scarf: Target
Boots: Payless

To-do list:
Keep the apartment clean
Read short-stories from Alex
finish new poem
Pick out poem for close reading
Deposit check
Finish this week's homework
Trim bangs
Write Jessica
Buy food


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12 Musings

  1. cute dress!

    I love she & him, cannot wait for the new album!

  2. OMG! She & Him is my favorite band ever!! Glad to know there are other fans out there, I am the only one in my fam who likes folk-y music...


  3. my sister LOVES zooey deschanel, and i am going to surprise her with this album! i cant wait!

  4. I'm sorry Sara! I just saw that you commented on my last post! I suck at checking that kind of thing. However, you are making me want to go shopping!! I want new(ish) clothes!

  5. Sorry your day has been sour! You look totally adorable, though. I love the dress and the sweater.

  6. Awesome outfit! & She & Him is such a great band!

  7. Wow, that red scarf is the perfect touch! You look great!

  8. Ohmigosh Sara, I WORSHIP She & Him. Such an amazing band; of course, anything Zooey does is amazing in my book! Loving this music post. And loving the effect of over the knee socks peeking out of your boots - I need to try that!! :)

  9. i lovelovelove she&him. my friend sent me the cd when i was living in london two years ago, and it was my soundtrack for the tube. i think i love it so much because zooey deschanel sings in my range, and i love singing along to the album. agh! i'm so glad you discovered them!

  10. i love this outfit, sara! the red scarf is a great touch. ive of heard of she&him, but haven't had a chance to check them out, though i do love zooey:D she's adorable! ill definitely check out the link. thx for sharing!

    thx agan for dropping by my blog. loving urs, as well! yes, i would love to exchange links with u:)

  11. hello, again! thanks for the add:) i've added u, as well. btw, i love ur owl header:D

  12. Very cute outfit! I really love the dress and the pop of red in the scarf :)


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