The Man Who Knew Too Much

7:27 PM

Decided to get a jump on the resolutions early! (That and Hollywood video is the only place I know where I can take Louie indoors.) After running back & forth through the aisles a few times, Kyle & I agreed on "The man who knew too much"  for the first in our Hitchcock viewing series. (We also rented "mixed nuts" for the holidays & "lilo & stitch" because kids movies are free).

A little knowledge can be a deadly thing.

"The man who knew too much" was actually made into a movie twice. Once in 1934, once in 1956. Hitchcock claimed that the 1954 version was "Superior".  We rented the 1956 version, because that is what they had in stock, and I can also never say no to Jimmy Stewart. Doris Day stars alongside the puppy-eyed, handsome actor as Jo McKenna, Stewart as Ben, a married couple visiting Morocco with their son Hank. The vacation turns traumatic when they meet mysterious Louis Bernard and their son Hank gets kidnapped, and taken to England. While the McKenna's are trying desperately to reunite with their son, they stumble upon an assassination plot which prevents them from getting to their beloved child. 

The plot is superb, as well as the acting.  The film won an academy award for best song for "Que Sera, Sera" (whatever will be, will be) sung by Doris Day. It has been stuck in my head all day and co-workers kept asking me if I was singing my name to myself.

I absolutely loved this movie, and I recommend it to anyone & everyone :)  

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4 Musings

  1. I do love this movie, but the song gets stuck in my head every time!

  2. Now the song is stuck in my head too! I've never seen this movie -I'll have to wiki it and make sure it has a happy ending! But it sounds very interesting!

  3. Jimmy Stewart is awesome. Every time I see his name or hear about a movie he was in I can't help to think of the end of It's a Wonderful Life, how he's so excited to be back. I like to do that scene in the Jimmy Stewart accent.

  4. My mom sings que sera sera to me when I get crabby, and I sing it to myself as well, but that is usually accompanied my tears of frustration... Soooo good. Doris Day is from my mom's hometown! Ohio!


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