Bow Down,Daisy Duke.

8:23 PM

Do you ever play a song and suddenly the world is just amazing? Your day just gets that much better? That no matter what mood your in, your instantly calm and excited all at once? Well there are many bands that I favor for just those reasons. One of them, is Rooney. Named after Principal Rooney of Ferris Bueller's day off,  Rooney is composed of five talented musicians from California, who are very easy on the eyes :) Front man Robert Schwartzman has an amazing voice, and if you didn't know that he is related to Jason Schwartzman the actor, then maybe you'd recognize him from The Princess Diaries, or The Virgin Suicides

The sound of Rooney is pretty swell. It has a range in style, genre and can be compared to other music from the 60's all the way to the 90's. The combination of lyrics and music of this band gives me a tactile sensation that which causes my being to want to dance and sing along as obvious as possible. They are the closest thing to a "boy band" that I like, and by that I mean BAND, as in, they all play instruments, and very well. Although, most guys that I have played Rooney to have rather liked them as much as the girls that I have played them too.  Most of their video's are deliberately goofy/cheesy, which rocks because they are so entertaining. 
     I was lucky enough to see and meet Rooney a few weeks ago when they came to Detroit and played a show at the Magic Stick. Yes. I got to MEET them. They were all so nice! They asked how we all liked the show, mentioned that they were going to go bowling after, shook everyone's hand and chatted a bit. Robert said he liked my bow necklace *big girly squeals* and he even shook Kyle's hand while I got them to sign my copy of their new
EP wild one.

The show was amazing, we stood right next to the stage, and next to speakers (my ears rang the entire next day).  The opening band The Crash Kings were really great as well, I didn't care too much for Tally Hall. They were not bad at all, it's just their genre was pretty different then that of Crash Kings and Rooney. Jamie & I got to meet The Crash Kings as well and we got a pic with them :) 


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  1. Your blog is cute too! Thanks for visiting, Sarah :)

  2. I haven't listened to them, but I think I might have to! I loved Jason in the Princess Diaries, and I've always wondered what's happened to him!

  3. I haven't heard them so I must go and check them out definitely. Seems like you had a wonderful time!

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