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I guess it's safe to say that I am considered an adult at this point in my life. I am 24 and all, most people would consider that an "adult" age. It's amazing how many things we discover about ourselves everyday as we get older. I have noticed that I have been at a constant standstill. I feel like I am waiting for something all of the time. Or maybe I am waiting on myself to DO something all of the time. I found a good way to deal with this, is to obviously look for something to do and do it. Makes sense right? Well I am at the point now where I am swimming in "it".  "It" being my life. I work full-time, I am taking twelve credits this semester at Oakland, I have a dog to take care of, an apartment that, try as I may, does not clean itself (or restock itself with food by any means).  There is also Kyle, who gets neglected, and if we did not live together, I would fail to acknowledge his existence.

I am basically very busy. I however have learned that, even though I sometimes want to pull my hair out by it's roots, that I thrive on being busy. I like the feeling that I have a lot going on at all times, that I am personally in control if whether I succeed or not. I like having little, and big goals. I like staying in on Friday nights and working on a project for school. Because, then Saturday seems more special, and that even if it's just renting a movie with Kyle, it's always really fun. 

There are some drawbacks though, obviously. I do not see my friends as much, and there are little things that I love to do like seeing local bands, and reading books that I am seriously lacking. Not to mention exercise. Luckily having Louie forces me to walk him twice a day, if not more because he is a big dog and needs it, but I kissed pilaties goodbye as soon as September hit. But I keep thinking that it's worth more in the end. I think that I am slowly becoming more aware that I am growing up. It's scary, I know. I just hope that I don't lose the Sara-child completely. I find that it would be hard to do that, really, but realizing that I care so much about all this makes me feel a wee-bit wiser. And that makes me happy. 

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  1. You just have to find balance. Easier said than done but it will come.

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