Feelin' Good

10:52 AM

Ever since last Friday night I have been in the BEST mood! My best friend Jamie stayed over all weekend and we had a blast. I figured come Monday I would be a little more "meh" because of mid-terms, however the mind-boggling testing has done nothing to interrupt my bliss. There was a slight hiccup, my computer programming quiz was taken at 12 am online Monday night and I did not do as well as I thought I could have. I hummed, I hemmed, then got over it. We did well on our project for that class (my partner et moi) and that is good.

I have also been alone all week at work, there are people around but one of my two bosses has been gone all week, the other has been gone two days this week so I have been holding down the fort. I have to say since my old crabby boss left and has been replaced by Adam I have learned A LOT more. When people call or need help with something, I can actually help them now. I don't sit there dumbfounded like I would have a year ago. So I have been steady-busy all week, which rocks!

Another factor to this weeks spam-of-feel-good I think has to do with the fact that I have been playing the "500 days of summer" soundtrack non-stop. I haven't even seen the movie yet (je n'ai pas la vie) however I obsessed with this soundtrack. Every song is amazing. I am seriously restraining myself from jumping up on the desk, and twirling around the room to the music.

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