Beanie Season

11:01 AM


With the autumn chill comes hats! Most people hate wearing hates, because of the inevitable hat-hair problem that usually results from wearing them, but I love them. For me, they make outfits more interesting, they make dressing for colder weather fun, and, when my hair looks like shit, I can just hide it away! When people side-eye my "hat-hair" , they have no idea that I didn't bother to brush it in the first place! No, but seriously, I just wear them all day, even when indoors. HATS. 

Anyway, I got this beanie for $2 from Forever 21. I also ripped a hole in it when I took the tag off, so I guess you get what you pay for. Nothing a little slip stitch can't fix!


Not much to report today, other than I am getting to that point where I notice when I miss a workout. I was in a very "blah" mood for a good chunk of the day yesterday, not because I turned another year older (although having a birthday on Monday is pretty lame), I just felt tired, and out of it. I still managed to pack my gym bag the night before, and as soon as my feet hit the track, I felt better. Endorphins! I had a pretty decent workout, then came home and cleaned while listening to my records on my sexy new record player. I have also come to the conclusion that gym time is usually the only alone time I get lately, so I need to take advantage of it.

Side-note: There is something wrong with our camera/lens. A lot of photos keep coming out blurry, and I am not really sure what is going on. Maybe the lens just needs to be cleaned? If any of you have any tips/ideas, please share, thx!

brick7 brick2

Doctor Who Shirt, Bracelet-Gifts
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Purse, & Boots-Target
Hat-Forever 21
Glasses-Warby Parker

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13 Musings

  1. First off - Happy Belated Birthday!! I've found that if going to the gym is the only "you" time you get... it's best to take advantage of it! You look beautiful in these photos! I love that beanie! Not many people can pull off the beanie but you do it very well! Birthdays can be a little rough and a birthday on a Monday can also be a little rough but it's your birthday week so celebrate ALLLL week long :) Hope you have a GREAT day!


  2. I'm like you. I love beanies and wear them all day every day, indoors and out! You look so cute in yours. You pull off all hat styles very well! I am also like you in that I love my daily workouts and take full advantage of the alone time and the feel-good endorphins!

  3. Yey for record players and fun beannies. Your beanie is nice!

  4. My sister is able to wear any sort of hat but I look ridiculous! I love it on you, and the shirt looks great too!

  5. Oh, I so need to get up the energy for a work out! Wish I looked this good in a beanie!

  6. Awesome beanie! are inspiring. So many things I want to do. Like learn to arm knit. That is like asking me..lets do a workout!

  7. Oh, you've just reminded me to invest in a few beanies this year - love how this one looks on you!

    Happy, Happy Belated Birthday lovely!!


  8. My B-day is on a Monday this year, too. Sucks. The hat is cute. You're so YOUNG! I envy that. Savor your youth.

  9. Love the beanie!! I don't have any beanies and now I kind of wish I did! Super cute!

  10. Are you using a digital camera?

    If so, check what focal length it's set to. It might be set to 'macro' which is for close-up shots.

  11. Beanie's are so cool. Love your shirt and bracelet too Sara. When you get into a workout groove you definitely feel it when you miss one. HAHAHA

  12. I really like hats, I think my head looks good in them. Kris likes to say I have a 'hat head'. My hair is normally a mess so hat hair is just regular ol' hair :)


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