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Meet Joseph! I know what you are thinking, that we are broke, and that I am always talking about how broke we are, and how much budgeting that we have to do, so of course getting a dog is a great idea, correct? WELL. Here is the deal: Kyle and I have talked about getting another dog for over a year now. I grew up in a house where we had a two dog minimum most of the time. We didn't want a really tiny dog, on account of our territorial kitties, but another big dog like Louie wold probably be too much to handle as I tend to walk Louie alone pretty often. We looked at a few pet adoption fairs, but the $300+ adoption fee wasn't something we had on hand, and we really wanted to see how well Louie got on with another dog living with us. 

Enter Joseph! My friend Ashley posted a pic of this little guy on Facebook, linking to the page of the guy (Thom) who had found him. Thom had already gotten Joseph's shots, got him fixed, and a microchip in him. He just needed a forever home, so I of course showed the pic to Kyle, who told me to go ahead and message Thom and let him know that we were interested. At the time, someone else was keeping him for a week as a trial run, but we were to be contacted if it didn't work out. A week later Joseph came over to hangout with Louie, and we also agreed to keep him for a week to see how things went. 

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Louie LOVES other dogs. Sometimes he can be a bit shy, and he is pretty protective over his food/water bowl, but other than that he loves to play. When Joseph arrived, they pretty much did laps around the yard non-stop for a good 10-15 minutes. We took them for an awkward walk (they have since improved very much!), and then brought them inside for their first night together. 

At first, Louie was a little confused ('Hey! That is MY Momma!') but has since grown to really getting along with Joseph. Of course Louie and the kitties need a little extra attention for this transitional period, but nothing a baby gate (for the cats), and a few extra hugs can't fix. Right now almost every night ends with Louie sleeping on my feet, and Joseph sleeping on my stomach, and it is THE BEST. 

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As far as what type of dog Joseph is, we are not sure! He is definitely pit mixed with something, boxer maybe? He was estimated at 10 months old, so he might grow a tiny bit more. We did not name him, but Kyle was really fond of the name, so we just kept it. He also goes by "Joey, Joe Joe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mo Joe Joe Joe, puppy, little dude, and brindle butt". 

Louie has always been fond of women, but leery of men, and children. Joseph seems to love everyone and everything, so I am hoping his positive attitude rubs off on Louie. They are both rescue dogs from Detroit, and extremely lovable. 

It is very interesting trying to walk the two of them, but it gets a little easier each time. We still have A LOT of training ahead of us, as Joseph likes to get into things when we are not home. He tried to eat our couch! It is a good thing that all of our furniture is hand-me-downs, or cheap crap from IKEA, but still. We put his crate in the living-room (where the couch is), but left him out of it, and he was much better after that-I got that tip from my bestie Jamie. I can't get too mad at him though, Louie did his share of damage as a puppy, including eating several pairs of shoes, and an entire can of soup once-can included. 

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Because pits are such a huge problem in our area (people like to just dump them lose in Detroit), there tends to be an overabundance of them. The place where Thom took him is All About Animals, and we took Louie there to get fixed when we first got him. They are amazing with pets, and have really good prices on all of their procedures. A coworker of mine also catches neighborhood cats, brings them in to be treated, and then releases them, and they have always been really good with cats as well.   If you live in Michigan, I really do recommend checking them out. 

A HUGE thank-you to Thom for taking care of everything, and even driving Joseph over for us! He even gave us half of a giant bag of dog food, and loaned us his crate, what an awesome person! We are very grateful for this little dude, crazy as he is, we are absolutely smitten already. 


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14 Musings

  1. Well hello there Joseph! What a handsome doggie you are! Your paws are quite large, but they are so cute! I hope you like living with Sara and Kyle, they'll give you an awesome forever home!

    I can't wait to adopt a dog in a couple of years when Ollie is older. I want him to have a friend to grow up with!

  2. Awwww. Hi Joseph! He is so cute. Congrats! (I cannot believe Louie ate a can of soup WITH the can!!!)

  3. He is so gorgeous. He reminds me a little of the dog we've adopted, but she's older and oh so loyal. So great that you guys rescued him. I think Louie is a wonderful role model and hope things get better and better...seems as if you guys are on the right track!

  4. Such a wonderful post. So great how you guys came about finding him.

  5. What amazing photos! Oh..he is so beautiful! He looks so happy too!

  6. Awwww, so cute! ^-^
    Nice blog, dear!

  7. aww sara he is so beautiful and happy! love he's smile.

  8. Welcome to the family, Joseph! And Sara, you never regret getting a dog.

  9. I don't know how you do it. 2 dogs and 2 cats, crazy. At least he will be well looked after and loved :D
    Love the pics

  10. He looks a lot like a Staffordshire Terrier {which is often confused as a pittie}. The shelter I used to volunteer at had a Staffordshire Terrier named Snickers who looked just like Joseph - such a sweetheart!

    I'm so excited that Joseph and Louie are getting along; and that you've given him a great new home!!


  11. He's such a cutie! I aggree on the breed guessing, looks a little like a boxer :)

  12. Congratulations on your new addition Sara!!! He's fitting in just fine. That's so good to hear!

  13. Ahhhh Im in love! I'm a totally dog person and these dogs make me smile. I used to have 2 dogs, Golden Retriever and Thai breed but now there's only Thai breed one. He's almost 16 years old but still be able to see and walk with me almost everyday :)

  14. Aww they are both just adorable. I want a dog so bad!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? If interested, please let me know. Check out MY LATEST POST



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