Middle Earth Outfitters

10:56 AM


GUYS, can we talk about this awesome shirt for a moment?! Whenever I am not feeling well, or we have no idea what we want to do, I always want to watch Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. So when we went to MCCC awhile back, Kyle spotted this shirt and before we left, we hunted down the vendor and bought it. 

Seriously though, my T-shirt collection is growing like mad. It used to be an even mix of band, and fandom shirts, but the fandom shirts have taken over. I like things. 

Do you guys have an overabundance of anything? Shoes? Hats? etc. 

Shirt-MCCC vendor
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Glasses-Warby Parker 

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12 Musings

  1. It's the perfect shirt for you! That is so awesome!

    I have an abundance of bags. It's baddddddd.

  2. I still have way too many shoes... gah! Oh and clothes that don't fit... :(

    That shirt is rad!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  3. That shirt is amazing!! I can't pull off crew neck t-shirts very well so I'm always slighty envious of others that can :)


  4. You make jeans and a t-shirt look so good. I just have too many clothes in general. And I keep buying more. It's a bad habit!

  5. Cute outfit! I think I would like to shop in a place called Middle Earth Outfitters, but I definitely wouldn't fit into the Hobbit clothes.

    I suppose overabundance is a relative thing. I definitely have more clothing and footwear than I need and I do have an abundance of books but I am certain I need those. An abundance of cat fur is probably also something I should add to the list.

  6. That's a great tee! :) My husband says I have too many shoes, but I obviously disagree :D


  7. I have too much coffee equipment, Kim said i can't buy any more :'( (i will when she is not looking) I can't help myself. Love the shirt btw

  8. It's a pretty awesome tee. I think socks, socks is the thing I own the most of.

  9. Awesome! I do have my slouchy hat collection. In fact, over the weekend I won a new slouchy hat from someone on etsy. A behive slouchy knitted hat.

  10. You look so cool!

    Hmmm..well, I collect way to much nail polish and dvds of very obscure movies. I know..a strange combo.

  11. That shirt is awesome!

    I have an overabundance of shoes and skinny jeans. :P


  12. I think your tshirt collection is the coolest Sara! I use to have an abundance of clothes, but I've cut back tremendously. I do have an abundance of makeup :D lmao!


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