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11:01 AM


This is what I had planned on wearing to MCCC, but then had to change after we picked up Liam because he was pissed that I didn't dress up. I am glad that I did, because then I got to wear this the next day, with my new, spiffy Fourth Doctor necklace that I bought at con five seconds after walking in the door. Seriously, fastest way for me to spend money: put me in a room choc-full of merch from all of my favorite fandoms. It goes perfectly with my Doctor Who tee, and the silver boots that don't match ANYTHING in my closet, so they of course are worn with everything. Add in my Dalek necklace and you have a decent Whovian outfit. 

Because what is the point of being grown-up, if you can't be childish sometimes?

Bag-Urban Outfitters
Necklaces-Rustbelt Market, & MCCC Merch stand
Glasses-Warby Parker

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11 Musings

  1. I love being childish sometimes! Nothing wrong with that! I love the skirt and I'm glad you found some fun new necklaces at the convention!

  2. You're outfit is SUPER CUTE!!!


  3. I hope that I am in touch with my inner child on a daily basis. You look great in that outfit and it seems really you. Silver boots go with everything don't the? Actually I have boots I love but can't quite figure out what to wear them with other than jeans but it's more about the style of them than the colour.

  4. Being grown up is overrated! I love this!

  5. I couldn't agree more. I love acting like, and dressing like a child...I mean, in a mature and adult-like way, of course!

  6. So love your skirt! What a fun outfit!

  7. Oh so awesome! Love your Tee!

  8. That's why I love you Sara! I hate when people say things are childish. That's ludicrous. There are too many serious folks in this world! You look great.

  9. You need that moment, being childish makes me happy, it makes that one stupid moment seem like the funniest thing in the world. like the cat videos ;) as long as you have fun who cares.

  10. hehe you said it right! Love the outfit too <3

  11. Dig. This. Look. You are fab, Sara! And those silver boots {that don't go with anything, yet are styled with everything}? Brilliant!



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