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Some of you may have noticed the giant-ass new button on my sidebar (I think I need to make a smaller one, just maybe), I *may have* created a Fitblr last week. 

Here is the deal: I needed more motivation to be healthy. I created a Fitblr a little while back, but quickly became discouraged because I realized that the content of most Fitblrs were very thin girls, and motivational quotes. Instagram and Pinterest changed that for me, I saw more people posting cheery, sweaty selfies after a workout, and images of something awesome that they made for a meal. To me, that was inspiration, something more tangible. 

So what is my Fitblr all about? Fitness, yes, but also overall health. I post daily meals (although not all of them, because I tend to eat the same things a lot), post-workout updates, personal goals, some natural living goodies, and yes, some motivational quotes/images. 


Taking pics of my meals has always been a guilty pleasure for me, I mean, I made it, it tasted good, why not document it? It isn't really that strange of a concept to me, before the days of social media, people used to trade recipe cards and whatnot. Obvs, not all of these are meals that I have cooked, or took a lot of effort even, but are still pretty healthy.

I have also started meal-prepping, my lunches for work (salads mostly), and holy moly has it made life easier. I think it took me about 15 minutes to chop everything up, make a simple dressing, and put everything in containers.


Because I am doing a step/weightloss challenge with friends, as well as training for a 10k at the end of the month, my workouts tend to be all cardio. To help balance this out, I have gotten into yoga (see what I did there?). I am very much a beginner, but I look forward to my time on the mat.

Also, yoga pants (and yoga shorts!!) = awesome. 


Lastly, we have personal goals. I love making lists, organizing my schedule, and making personal goals for myself. These are not just fitness ones (ex run 2-3 x per week), but also personal health goals as well. I have a goal to try to get 7 hours of sleep per night, and also to drink 8 glasses of water per day. I have also been learning how to meditate, which is really helping me start my day better, because being calm and getting your shit together is helpful, who knew? 

Anywho, that is about the gist of it. So if any of you lovelies have a fitblr out there, lets be friends :D 

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12 Musings

  1. Woohoo!We are on the same track Sara! x

  2. Woo woo, way to go! I need to get my butt in gear - yeah I lost my pregnancy weight, but I need to get back in gear with working out so when the nursing stops, I don't gain it back! I'll have to follow you!

  3. you have to find a system that works for you and what you enjoy doing. this sounds great sara! good luck with it and achieving your goals girl.

  4. what are perfect :), I will let you do the exercise for me. You will do well..
    Have a lovely day


  5. Good for you, Sara! I love yoga and really need to get back to it. I took classes for years but I think now I will just do it on my own at home. There is a really good reference book by BKS Iyengar which is like an encyclopedia of poses and how to do them. Iyengar yoga is very pose oriented, very much about properly positioning the pose so it is the most beneficial and not harmful. It also makes use of props like blocks, straps and even chairs.

  6. this is so awesome i love reading it tumblr blog they are so inspiring! i just follow your tumblr

  7. Oh..I so wish I could..but some days are better than others. Great post!

  8. Being healthy is good for you girl! Healthy food, healthy mind <3

  9. So I just spent 15 minutes looking a picture of meal planning haha. It looks so organised! I love it!

    I like this idea, a realistic idea to share your goals. I can't wait to see your progress.


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